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What Is Data Gravity? (And How your Organisation Can Benefit From It)

Everything you ever wanted to know about Data Gravity, including the answer to the question… What the hek is Data Gravity? ...

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What Is Business Architecture?

Mike Eckersley – Business Architect, cloudThing

Defining Business Architecture and how cloudThing can empower your organisation

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Growth Through Disruptive Technology

Nick Churchill Evans – cloudThing, Director of Sales

cloudThing's specialities lie in helping our clients build or evolve the core technology platform from which they serve their customers.

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6 Easy Steps For Promoting A Culture Of Cyber Security

Cyber security is vital for a business with any kind of digital presence, no matter how small (or large) they are

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How To Fix DateTime Stamps in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Craig Seymour - Dynamics Practise Lead, cloudThing

Thu Apr 23 2020

Our dedicated testers have recently been reporting a one day offset between two custom date fields.

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The 7 Stages Of A Successful AI Project

Unlike other popular buzzwords, AI is here to stay and will be digitally transforming/disrupting any industry or sector you can think of in the coming years

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What The Hek Is Devops?

Devops is the buzz word on everyone’s lips in the software industry and should be the goal of all IT organisations; but what actually is it?

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Taming Digital Chaos

86% Of Digital Transformation Projects Fail – How To Make Sure You’re In The 14%

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15 Cyber Security 'Things' To Safeguard Your Business

It doesn’t matter what size your business is or how much money you’ve invested in Cyber Security; the harsh truth of the world we live in is that at some point you’ll be targeted by Cyber Scammers.

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Fran Thomas - Technical Director

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