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What Is It & How To Avoid: Vendor Lock-In

Vendor lock-in can be a huge worry for anyone thinking about Cloud Migration. Knowledge (and the right partner) is key to mitigating that risk ...

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What’s The Best CRM For The NonProfit Sector?

Engage new, existing and old donors, build relationships, process donations and manage analytics quickly, efficiently and cheaply

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Rage Donations – How To Engage Past The ‘Now'

NonProfit’s creating a ‘story’ has always been an effective fundraising tool; generating an emotional response in potential donors… But can rage donations be leveraged into an overarching strategy?

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The Bad Guys Don’t Care You’re The Good Guys

How to improve your NonProfits Cyber-Security – Quickly, easily… and at low cost

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Organisational Debt & Why It Makes Digital Transformation Hard

You won’t find the debt that’s slowing down your organisation on a balance sheet in the accounts department

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Build The Future Of The NonProfit Sector… Today

Cloud-native companies are leading the way in increased donor revenue, financial stability, improved business agility, enhanced volunteer experiences & donor retention

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Creating A Low Code App Using PowerApps & The Power Platform

Written By: Mike Chappell - Dynamics Solution Architect, Matt Hollingworth - Product Manager & Les Greenhalgh – Dynamics Solution Architect

Demonstrating the building of a low-code/no-code Microsoft PowerApp with text recognition, using Azure Cognitive Services

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Shadow IT – 9 Things To Look Out For & 1 Unexpected Benefit

Shadow IT will stop your Digital Transformation in its tracks… and you may never even realise it!

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Tips & Tricks To Creating Successful Volunteer Management Systems

A volunteer management process needs to save time & money whilst empowering the volunteers

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