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If You Don’t Have An Automated Deployment Process… You’re Already Obsolete

Speed, quality, trust, and adaptability is how a modern release process should be described ...

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Privacy By Design – What You Need To Know

The old wild-west days of Data-Complacency are over. Data Laws are constantly evolving and organisations need to adapt or fall by the wayside.

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Security-By-Design: Or… Better Safe Than Sorry!

Far too often security is the final afterthought of a Digital Transformation project

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Leading with Technology In The Membership Sector

Jay Neale – CEO, cloudThing

The world has changed and everyone’s gone to the digital rapture

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The Common Data Model​

Ed Yau – cloudThing ​Solution Architect & Predictive Science Team Leader​

Building a Common Data Model across a Membership Platform under a single view, with multiple lenses whilst avoiding Vendor Lock-In​

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Reducing Member Churn And Delivering Member Insights With Data Science

Greg Roberts – cloudThing Data Scientist

Discussing Membership Churn and how to deliver valuable Membership Insights with Data Science.

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What Is Business Architecture?

Mike Eckersley – Business Architect, cloudThing

Defining Business Architecture and how cloudThing can empower your organisation

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Tips & Tricks To Creating Successful Volunteer Management Systems

A volunteer management process needs to save time & money whilst empowering the volunteers

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If Nothings Going Wrong, You’re Not Innovating Enough

Mike Eckersley – Business Architect, cloudThing

Digital Transformation has existed as a mainstream term in the IT sector for a long time and even before that, the phrase used was ‘channel-shift’.

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We are all developers at cloudThing. The development principles of build future, be transparent and love your user apply to every service, every product and every employee from Marketing to HR.

Fran Thomas - Technical Director

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