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Build Future

Written by: Nick Churchill-Evans - cloudThing Sales Director

The Mission Statement cloudThing lives by... but what does it really mean?

Similar to many organisations, cloudThing has a mission statement.

We at cloudThing embed this unique and brilliant yet simple mission statement into everything we do, ensuring that we provide the best we can and ‘Build Future’.

It’s short and catchy but it embodies everything that cloudThing represents.

What’s the story behind it? Read on to learn more about cloudThing’s ethos...

What’s the reason cloudThing’s ethos is ‘Build Future’?

The other three founders (of cloudThing) and I, at previous organisations, felt frustration when we saw and experienced how employees, customers and suppliers were treated, be that under-appreciated, under-paid or other.

When creating cloudThing, we wanted to be different and provide customers with more than just the basic bottom line of the three legs of the business (Dynamics, DevOps and Development), and show how much we value everyone.

From an employee’s point of view, we wanted people to feel valued and appreciated for the work and knowledge that they gave us; from a customer’s point of view, it was to act in their best interest. When it comes to suppliers, some people see them as a line of credit, resulting in late payments which is not ideal for the supplier’s business.

Of course, most businesses don’t set out to become this way but as situations come about and as circumstances change, people will do what they can to reach their goals, even if that means putting someone else at a disadvantage, either financially or mentally in work (by feeling under-valued and used).

We wanted cloudThing to stand apart from the crowds and put suppliers on the same pedestal as employees and customers.

Simple actions like paying them on time etc. would make them happier to work with us and would provide a positive working environment.


Spoiler alert: That’s not where ‘Build Future’ stops.

We encourage the culture within our organisation to grow and always look to ‘pay it forward’.

We are all a part of society; we all pay taxes for schools, hospitals etc. and the growth of our company is also a part of ‘Build Future’within society.

How do you mean you may ask?

It’s simple; by running our company well with the correct and fair treatment of employees, customers and suppliers, this will result in more jobs being offered into society as we grow, which will then lead to the progression of interesting work and more social events to keep that work-life balance alive.

It is also to be noted that this is not just in the UK society, but also in India thanks to our India office and the awesome work done out there. 

 That’s on a work point of view, but what about from an individual and personal perspective?

 We love to encourage our employees to contribute to those around them, either by enriching their knowledge on a professional subject or something non-work related like health/fitness/etc...or just looking out for them in general.

 Little things such as putting new cans of Coca-Cola in the fridge so that it’s nice and refreshing for people to drink (because a cold drink is much more enjoyable than a luke-warm beverage...)can be a form of ‘Build Future’.

We’ve also introduced recycling into the offices to contribute to caring for the environment because it’s another way of indirectly helping the community.

Why is ‘Build Future’ so unique and effective in its message?

Classically, a mission statement should state its values within an organisation.

Our two-word mission statement distils everything down from what we’re here for, to our culture, beliefs and values.

It encompasses the organisation and the ‘cloudThing family’ and having such a powerful message in just two words, is a stroke of genius if we say so ourselves!

What are cloudThing striving for in terms of ‘Build Future’?

We are striving to build towards a 10/10 business, from a business and personal perspective.

Some may snigger hearing that as that's what everyone says they want to achieve, but what is the harm is reaching for the best?

What’s stopping us? What's stopping you?

We are continually learning and enriching those around us, and we plan to keep going!

It is important to us that employees, customers and suppliers feel that they are on an equal playing field with regards to respect and appreciation, and with the constant reminder of ‘Build Future’, it is the perfect formula to helping us help others, professionally and personally, achieve their goals.

After all, the sky’s the limit.

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