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Growth Through Disruptive Technology

Nick Churchill Evans – cloudThing, Director of Sales

cloudThing's specialities lie in helping our clients build or evolve the core technology platform from which they serve their customers.

Build Future Philosophy

I've had the privilege of working with roughly twenty start-ups and fast growth SMEs, which has afforded me the opportunity to learn some invaluable lessons from an eclectic group of inspirational entrepreneurs introducing disruptive technology.

They are all innovating and doing things that will genuinely make life better for many people.

For the folk at cloudThing, it's rewarding to be able to play our small part in their story and watch as great things unfold.

It’s greatly helped us to refine and perfect our culture of ‘Build Future’.

What is Build Future?

Our specialities lie in helping our clients build or evolve the core technology platform from which they serve their customers.

As software architecture and development specialists starting out a number of years ago, we created the concept of ‘Build Future’.

This is a cultural thing that runs deeper than simply guiding product development, but when applied to developing product, Build Future demands that whatever we build is capable of fuelling and supporting compound growth over the long term.

Inherent in this is the need to be lean, since wasting money on software development that could be better spent on business development breaches the concept of ‘Build Future’- focus on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to get to market, be lean and agile, use open source where appropriate and architect and build for the tomorrow where your business has taken off, needs to scale and your tech needs a ‘can do’ attitude to support changing business models, and unforeseen business opportunities.


The repeated incidences of unforeseen opportunity have served to reinforce our belief in making sure that we promote our philosophy of ‘Build Future’ when designing software for our clients.

Re-purposing software can be torturous and wasteful if it’s not been designed with flexibility from the outset, costing time, opportunity and money.

If it’s designed with change in mind it’s far less of an issue and it opens up more possibilities to support the business.

Moreover, the route to flexibility is simple and inexpensive when done correctly, coming down to using a modular approach (distributed architecture) rather than building software in a single stack or taking the easy, less flexible but no more costly cutting edge tech option.


The problem that we have seen as developers working with software created by third parties is that they are not always designed and built with a modular approach and miss out on basic good practice.

It’s frustrating to work with; for investor, entrepreneur and developer alike, and it impedes business growth and slows down market penetration.

We have decided to try to do something about this as best we can by spreading the word of ‘Build Future’ and helping businesses to plan their software development to afford them more flexibility without significant cost.


We’re going to be running a series of free webinars and seminars to help, mainly aimed at techie entrepreneurs, CTOs, architects and developers which I will advertise on LinkedIn, but if you would like any advice in the meantime or are interested to talk, please get in touch and we would be delighted to help if we can.

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Build Future

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