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Canvas Apps Vs Model-Driven Apps

Helping choose between Canvas and Model Driven apps on the PowerPlatform

How To Set Up Field Monitoring In Business Central

One of cloudThing's Buisness Central experts is explaining how to set up field monitoring...

Check Out The Benefits Of The Microsoft Catalyst IDEA Framework...

What is the Microsoft Catalyst Framework and is it right for your organisation?
Microsoft Catalyst
IDEA Framework
Digital Transformation

Component Led Development, Or… How To Make Your Organisation Instantly More Resilient

Because having to do things more than once is so old skool
Component Led Design
power platform

How To Achieve A Single Customer View In 5 Easy Steps

Why is gaining a single, unified view of your customers so important?
Single Customer View
Unified Customer View
Microsoft Dataverse

Best Practise For Creating Cloud Flows With Microsoft Power Automate

cloudThing’s Principal Solutions Architect lays out the best practices for creating cloud flows when using Power Automate from the Microsoft Stack

Legacy Estate Reduction… Or When To Get Rid Of Old Tech

Is your department suffering under the yoke of outdated systems & technologies?
Legacy Tech
Continuous Improvement
Central Government

What Is Fintech?

The key to understanding fintech is realising it’s not about crypto-currencies or blockchain security but in improving the User Experience for both the organisation and client using it

How To Get Better At: Online Continuous Personal Development (CPD)

CPD doesn’t have to involve expensive locations, trainers and time away from the office anymore
Continuous Personal Development

Virtual Exam Proctoring (Or How To Stop People Googling The Answers At Home)

As cliché as the term ‘the new normal’ has become, when it comes to virtual exam proctoring it really does apply.
Online exams
exam proctoring
virtual exam proctoring

How Hyperautomation’s Benefiting PAO’s (Professional Accountancy Organisations)

Keeping PAO’s relevant in an increasingly competitive market
robotic process automation

Cyber Security For Remote Working… How Everyone Can (And Has To) Pitch In

Cyber Security isn’t, and shouldn’t, be the sole responsibility of your IT team
remote working
Cyber Security
Cyber Criminal

What Is An Advanced Persistent Threat (APT’s) Attack?

APT attacks are when a cyber actor manages to access your networks for long periods of time…
Advanced Persistent Threat
Cyber Security
Cyber Actor
Cyber Criminal
cyber scam

Visualising Your Data Differently With Power BI

Analytics teams using Microsoft Power BI can choose a variety of data visualisation techniques… Are some better than others though?
Power BI
Microsoft Power BI
data visualisation technique

Database Marketing – What Is It And How Can You Benefit From It?

It’s not the size of your database… but what you do with it
Database MArketing
Data Gravity
Data Science
Data Architecture
Common Data Model

Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Licensing Options – What’s Available?

Keeping up with Microsoft’s cloud licensing agreements isn’t easy… but that’s why cloudThing are here
Cloud Licensing Agreements
Cloud License
cloud hosting
microsoft licensing

Privacy-By-Design & The Children’s Code

The Children’s Code has been designed by the ICO to protect children ‘within’ the Digital World, rather than ‘from’ it
privacy policy
data privacy
Children's Code

How To Connect To A Named Sandbox Environment

You'll often find you need to connect visual studio code to each of the sandbox environments you're working with
business central
dynamics 365 business central

What Are The Different Types Of Cloud Licensing Agreements?

Are you considering an ELA, a BYOL or PAYG cloud licensing model? Do you know the difference, and which will work out better for your organisation?
Cloud License
Cloud Licensing Agreements

How To Export to Text Files from Microsoft’s Business Central SaaS

Before going down the development route, it’s always good to see what standard has to offer
business Central
dynamics 365 business central
Dynamics 365
microsoft Dynamics
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