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IoT: Dragging The Future Of Healthcare Into Today

IoT has time and time again proven the most efficient solution to specific pain points facing healthcare institutions

Life @ cloudThing As A Functional Consultant

MVP Sheryl Netley discusses the social and business aspects of why she loves working at cloudThing

How Will Tech Revolutionize Health Care Over The Next Half Century?

Many of these medical technologies are in their infancy but all hold the power to revolutionise the health sector

Empowering Public Transport With Big Data

Harnessing big data is the key to revolutionise the public transportation sector

Putting Patients First Vs. Cost Concerns

Does Putting Patients First have to cost money?

Life @ cloudThing As A Power Platform Solution Architect

Meet John Upton, a Power Platform Solution Architect at cloudThing who loves our academic culture

What’s The Best CRM For The Membership Sector?

Engage new, existing and ex-members, build relationships, run online CPD’s and manage analytics quickly, efficiently and cheaply

How Remote Patient Monitoring Data Can Drive Health Efficiencies

Using data and automation to empower the patient experience

Is a Career In NonProfit Digital Transformation Rewarding?

What’s it really like working on NonProfit digital transformation projects?

Six Back-Office Functions NonProfit’s Should Be Using Robotic Process Automation For

RPA is helping the NonProfit sector achieve far more for far less!

How Data Storage Management Will Change in 2022

How will the WFH trend affect data storage management and how will RPA and the cloud benefit that trend?

Business Central Vs Sage – Which Does Your Organisation Need?

There’s a lot of overlap between D365 Business Central, a Cloud ERP solution and Sage 50 / Intacct, a cloud accounting solution… so which is the best fit for your organisation

How To Debug Something With A Rubber Duck

What does a computer programmer and a rubber duck have in common?

Using Design Thinking To Empower Digital Transformations

Using Design Thinking to make sure your next Digital Transformation project is a success

How Business Central Can Keep You GDPR Compliant

Learn how to stay compliant with the awesome tools provided by D365 Business Central
business Central
dynamics 365 business central

What Can Business Central Actually Do?

D365 BC is a single, end-to-end solution to manage all an organisations operational needs
business Central
dynamics 365 business central

Why Data Classification Is Vital To Your Organisation (And How To Easily Implement It)

Data classification is used by organisations to adhere to security, privacy and regulatory requirements when collecting, storing, and processing data
data privacy
Data Science
Data Architecture

How To Inspect Items When Using The Execute Pipeline Activity In ADF/Synapse Pipelines

A workaround for ADF/Synapse pipelines when using the Execute Pipeline activity to inspect anything about the run from the calling pipeline

How To Create UI Flow’s In Power Automate

Bring the power of RPA to your desktop

D365 BC vs D365 FO: Let’s Settle This Once And For All!

Which is better? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations?
dynamics 365 business central
dynamics 365 Finance & Operations
microsoft Dynamics
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