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60% of Google Employees Will Be Required Back in the Office by September

Sun Jul 18 2021

Tech giant Google’s new hybrid model will bring the majority of employees back to offices regularly.

With a kind of ‘pre-pandemic normal’ returning to the workplace, the work from home/ work from office dynamic begins its battle for professional dominance. I mean, it is pretty alluring knowing you can continue to work from home with a button up shirt on the top and boxers and fluffy slippers on the bottom, like some sort of wardrobe version of a mullet.

But is it actually the future everyone desires?

Tech giant Google wants the majority of its employees back in the office by September, despite an internal survey which suggests the company’s engineers feel as productive working remotely as they do in the office.

Despite the fact productivity initially took a hit in the spring of 2020 when work from home orders were first instated, the productivity levels of their engineers bounced back in May, according to the internal survey.

There is one major thing missing from working from home: connections.

Over 75 percent of the employees feedbacked that they want more “collaboration and social connections” at work, and they want to be near their teammates physically when working on new projects.

That’s the key ingredient to innovation – great ideas happen when you’re all sat around a table at the pub, like some Arthurian round table. Teammates see the sparks fly and innovation happens and that is something that remote working just cannot seem to replicate.

That’s partially why Google is pushing for its plan to bring most of its employees back to the offices, but it’s all a bit unclear.

In May, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced a ‘hybrid’ ‘working model’ in which would see about 60 percent of Google’s staff back in the office a few days a week.

Another 20 percent would be able to relocate to ‘new company locations and the remaining 20 percent could apply to work from home permanently, with salary adjustments for both groups.

This has caused a bit of a tension and frustration as many as the company said these positions would be allocated on request and announced in August, so many workers are still waiting to hear from their bosses about whether their remote work plans have been approved.

But Google’s senior vice president for technical infrastructure, Urs Hölzle, emailed staff to announce he would be working remotely from New Zealand for a year.

This unexpected news seemed unfair to many as Hölzle had reportedly opposed remote work policy for employees who fell below a certain seniority level.

But what do you think about remote working? Do you think the spark of innovation can only happen around the water cooler, or is a new model of creativity emerging from remote working?

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Sun Jul 18 2021

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