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cloudThing Is Proud To Be Joining The Kerv Group

Wed May 05 2021

The acquisition of cloudThing will be the Kerv Group’s fifth (and largest) deal in the last 10 months, trebling their headcount and truly establishing them as an industry leader in the Digital Transformation market.

cloudThing has continued to show strong growth and expansion over the past ten years, whilst also being named a World Class place to work, and one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Tech.

As we grow, we've been looking for ways to continue to scale up the services we can offer to our clients and maintain the excellent employee experience we strive to provide.

One of the ways we'll be doing this is by investing in our key verticals (the NonProfit sector, Membership Organisations and Central Government) with cloudThings unique and innovative powerThings.

So, we are pleased to announce we are now proud members of the Kerv Group, a cloud-centric Managed Service and Infrastructure Transformation Provider.

Kerv first began discussing the acquisition of cloudThing due to our reputation for outstanding bespoke software development as part of a digital transformation process and to add a market leader in Microsoft Dynamics & the Power Platform top their already impressive stable of Solution offerings.

With the acquisition now official, the Kerv Group has become a £35m revenue global organisation, with over 330 employees, working with over 800 sector leading clients, with offices in London, Birmingham, and Bangalore.

Who are Kerv?

Kerv was formed in July 2020 and brings together complementary organisations that have become successful in their own right, rather than consolidate or merge already successful organisations. We believe their ambitions to provide subject matter experts from a range of organisations that can help clients focus on achieving business goals really matched our existing Build Future ethos. The other companies that currently make up the Kerv group are:

  • DoubleEdge – bespoke voice, mobile, data and communications compliance solutions
  • Foehn – Cloud unified comms provider
  • MetaphorIT – Cyber security and outsourced IT support
  • UCNS Managed IT – Managed Services provider
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This acquisition is a significant step for Kerv and a major investment in the rapidly growing digital transformation market. We’re combining our existing cloud managed services and infrastructure transformation capability with cloudThing’s digital transformation proposition thanks to their combination of DevOps, Data Science, and software engineering services. Every aspect of cloudThing - from its strong organic growth model, culture, people, leadership and approach to customers - makes it an ideal fit for the Kerv group.

Alastair Mills - Executive Chairman, Kerv

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Why Now?

What attracted us to joining the group was a demand from our clients for a wider variety of services than we could offer as a single entity. We will continue to invest in our key industries such as the central government, non-profit and membership organisation and focus on what we are known for, award winning Power Platform, DevOps, DataScience and Software Development services.

Now, with this shared future we can continue to grow by scaling up the services that have made cloudThing a success, while offering our clients a greater variety of services if requested.

Very little changes in the day-to-day delivery of projects for our clients and cloudThing will continue to operate in its existing form within the Kerv Group, with the founders remaining with the business to assist with the next phase of growth.

Current COO Stuart Harper will assume the role of cloudThing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and join the Kerv management team along with Mike Wrout, cloudThing's Chief Customer Officer.

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Kerv offers something genuinely unique, a group of complementary cloud and digital organisations that are experts at what they do, given further scale and enhanced capabilities as part of the group. Kerv’s commitment to organic growth, underpinned by a focus on customer experience and employee engagement is central to our own culture and our belief in the mission of the group as a whole. It became clear early on in our discussions that both organisations were aligned behind similar values. The whole team at cloudThing is delighted to be joining Alastair, Mike and the crew at Kerv.

Stuart Harper – CEO, cloudThing

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Mike Ing, Managing Director at Kerv commented that whilst this transaction represents the company’s fifth deal in less than a year, their focus remains firmly on delivering sustainable organic growth.

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Over the years we’ve seen many companies in our space grow rapidly through acquisition, only to be followed by aggressive centralisation and cost-cutting and eventually, any organic growth evaporates.

Our strategy is different.

We are firmly focussed on delivering sector-leading organic growth by embracing the character of each complementary business within the group, ensuring we continue to focus on what has made them a success whilst leveraging our respective strengths. The combination with cloudThing is a great example of our approach.

Mike Ing - Managing Director, Kerv

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About Kerv

Combining the world’s best cloud-centric managed services with a uniquely collaborative way of working, Kerv helps businesses get ahead – and stay there. Our team of experts focus on the bigger picture - your business goals, and we create the right cloud solutions to help you achieve them. Our commitment to our customers leads to transformative solutions and our people are key to delivering excellence.


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Wed May 05 2021

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