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Boris Johnson Considers Helping The Not-For-Profit Sector

Boris Johnson has released a statement letting the NfP Sector know the Government is considering a “package of measures” to help support them during the coronavirus crisis.

A lot of the big charities have been applying pressure on the Government in the last few weeks as urgent financial help is required right across the sector. It’s thought the coronavirus outbreak could cause the not-for-profit sector up to a £4.3billion shortfall over the next three months.

Caron Bradshaw, chief exec of the Charity Finance Group, has warned that the sector could be “decimated if the Government didn’t step in to help.


During a recent Prime Ministers Question Time the Labour MP for Batley & Spen said…

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Furloughing staff who are providing services to the vulnerable is just not an option. When is the Prime Minister going to come forward with an urgent package of measures so that they can continue their life-saving work?

Tracy Brabin, Labour MP for Batley & Spen

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Boris Johnson replied that Tracy Brabin was “absolutely right to pay tribute to the voluntary sector”.

He went on to explain how charities were a vital part of the UK’s response to covid-19 and that Oliver Dowden, the Culture Secretary and Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer were “looking at a package of measures to support charities as well”.


A lot of the umbrella bodies behind charities have also been urging the Government to step up and help with immediate assistance and have even started a campaign under the hashtag #EveryDayCounts.

 Baroness Barran, Minister for Civil Society, when speaking to fellow peers in the House of Lords also commented to say…

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We are hearing concerns around income disruption, particularly for those charities where the bulk of their money comes from public fundraising, trading or investment income, and they will be hit especially hard. We are working with partners across government in the sector to gather a picture of the impacts for civil society, including for those working in front-line roles with vulnerable and lonely people but for some charities demand is up sharply and income is down sharply, and we are working tirelessly and talking every day to the sector about how we bridge that gap.

There are organisations, perhaps more in the arts and heritage, that can mothball staff and then re-emerge, but there are also those where demand is up but income is down, and that is what we are trying to pin down now

Baroness Barran, Minister for Civil Society

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Other than more details on what the government might be planning, a spokesperson for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport said…

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Charities and volunteers have an important role to play in helping us tackle the challenges presented by coronavirus across the country. We are working very closely with the sector to make sure help is directed where it’s most needed

Spokesperson - Department For Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

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