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Clubs Could Re-Open If Party Goers Agreed To Wear Masks

Sun Aug 23 2020

Membership Organisation, the Night Time Industries Association, calls for clubs to be allowed to re-open with stringent safety checks

The Night Time Industries Association is calling on the Government to allow nightclubs to re-open with safety measures put in place, such as forcing clubbers to wear face masks and limiting numbers on dance floors.

They feel a risk-assessed approach to re-opening clubs and other venues is possible. 

Currently the sector is close to breaking point they said, with thousands of jobs at risk. The night time economy is one of the few sectors left with no real road map as to when and how they might re-open which is why they’re calling on the Government to step in and save the sector from ‘going under’.


In a report published last week the Night Time Industries Association stated that it’s likely three out of five business would go out of business in September unless urgent steps are taken.

The report. Supported by the Institute of Occupational Medicine looked at how it might be possible for such venues to re-open safely.

It found there was a ‘strong argument’ for permitting clubs to re-open under strict controls.

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We have now reached a critical point. In the absence of a clear reopening strategy from government, or the promise of financial support, huge numbers of businesses within our industry are facing financial collapse and thousands of job losses. The report we have launched today clearly shows that there is a case for the safe reopening of night-time leisure venues, including nightclubs, late night bars, live music venues and event spaces.

Bear in mind the behaviour we are witnessing in unregulated environments such as beaches, parks and raves. Whilst there are some areas of increased risks over other sectors, there are many real benefits that such businesses have over other sectors, particularly as all our venues have security to give 100 per cent cover of matters such as temperature checks, track and trace, and keeping customer behaviour in check. Use of face-coverings on the dancefloor can be implemented and enforced through existing security staff and protocols.

Michael Kill -Chief Executive, Night Time Industries Association

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The Night Time Industries Association Scotland (NTIAS) followed this up with a survey to their members and found that 83% of them were close to making their staff redundant.

76% of those were likely to do so in the next few weeks if nothing changed whilst 58% felt they wouldn’t be able to survive for more than another two months if the Government didn’t do something.

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Without immediate additional help and clear indication of when we can reopen we are facing financial Armageddon. I implore the Government to act on this data. Give us a clear roadmap on when businesses can re-open and reassurance that the financial support will be there to keep businesses financially afloat in the coming months.

Michael Kill -Chief Executive, Night Time Industries Association

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Sun Aug 23 2020

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