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Facebook To Contact Anyone Engaging With Fake Coronavirus Posts

Sun Apr 19 2020

Users will be shown a "myth busters" page on the WHO website

Facebook announced last week that it's to start showing notifications to anyone on their platform who has engaged with any coronavirus posts Facebook have deemed to be misleading or ‘Fake News’.


This new policy will mean that anyone who clicks, likes, comments on or shares such a post before Facebook moderators get a chance to delete them will start to see an alert in their Newsfeed. 

They’ll also be directed to a ‘coronavirus myth busters’ page on the website of WHO (World Health Organisation).


Facebook have commented publicly to say that since the start of the pandemic, March time, they’d put over 40 million warning labels on posts, articles and videos about COVID-19 that had been fact checked by independent, third party organisations.  

They claim that such warnings helped to stop 95% of users from engaging with those posts. They also plan to start promoting stories debunking coronavirus fake news.

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To make it easier for people to find accurate information about COVID-19, we recently added a new section to our Covid-19 Information Centre called Get the Facts.

It includes fact-checked articles from our partners that debunk misinformation about the coronavirus. The fact-check articles are selected by our News curation team and updated every week. As this pandemic evolves, we'll continue focusing on the most effective ways to keep misinformation and dangerous hoaxes about Covid-19 off our apps and ensure people have credible information from health experts to stay safe and informed.

Facebook Spokesperson

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Sun Apr 19 2020

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