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Over Half Of I.T Pro’s Will Switch Jobs In 2020

Thu Feb 20 2020

Harvey Nash released a tech survey this week which claimed that whilst over two thirds of IT Professionals are happy in their current job, over half of them will leave by the end of 2020

The Harvey Nash Global Tech Survey 2020 on Digital Culture (completed by 2,088 IT professionals with over 110 different job titles being represented) found that half of the people currently employed in the IT sector worldwide will swap jobs this year, this despite the fact that over two thirds of them claim to be happy in their current role.


So what’s going on?

Is the IT sector more footloose than other sectors? Less loyal? Do the 1,500 people surveyed just fancy a change? Or is there something else at work within the global IT sector?

The reason, according to the results of the survey, is due to either a desire for more money or a better life/work balance.


  • More money was cited as the reason by 59% of the respondents
  • 40% of people were looking for a better work/life balance
  • 36% of respondents cited their boss as a reason to move
  • And 30% wanted a more flexible working environment


Perhaps more shocking still is the fact that over the space of three years the number of people planning on leaving their current employer rises to four fifths of all respondents!


Humble brag warning: Since 2016 cloudThing have, on average, had less than 10% of their staff leave in any one year with the highest year still only reaching 15% and the lowest being 0%!

(Those figures are based on employee numbers of around 100 staff).


The Harvey Nash survey found that over a third of the people who had completed the survey had started their career outside of the IT industry with a similar number worried that their skills would be out of date within the next three years.

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In today's digital economy, there is fierce competition for tech skills - with retention being as much of an issue for companies as attracting new talent. While there is no silver bullet to keeping prized tech staff, our research highlights where companies can make a significant difference.

Training and skills development perhaps speaks for itself.

Beverley White, Harvey Nash CEO

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That advice feeds straight into cloudThings ethos of putting staff first.

On reading the report we were shocked to discover that over 40% of the people who had taken the time to complete the survey said they were working 50-hour weeks with a further 15% claiming they worked over that!

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The other three founders (of cloudThing) and I, at previous organisations, felt frustration when we saw and experienced how employees, customers and suppliers were treated, be that under-appreciated, under-paid or other.

When creating cloudThing, we wanted to be different and (…) show how much we value everyone.

From an employee’s point of view, we wanted people to feel valued and appreciated for the work and knowledge that they gave us (…) We love to encourage our employees to contribute to those around them, either by enriching their knowledge on a professional subject or something non-work related like health/fitness/etc...or just looking out for them in general.

Nick Churchill-Evans, Sales Director, cloudThing

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Thu Feb 20 2020

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