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Exciting Licensing Changes for NonProfits!

Thu Aug 12 2021

A subtle but wonderful change to the licensing for Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you’re a NonProfit, then now's a good time to look at the licensing changes that Microsoft have made to their Power Apps and Sales Enterprise.

NonProfits eat free!

If you’ve never experienced the wonderful world of Power Apps then it’s well worth your time to take advantage of these seats for licenses.

There’re two grants!

One is the Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise grant which allows up to FIVE free seats. Beyond that, there is a heavily discounted price for additional users, we’re talking $23.80 per month per additional user.

The Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise is a system which allows for relationship management and volunteer management, among other things, in one place. It’s also the license used to power Fundraising and Engagement, Microsoft’s answer to managing non-profits’ fundraising projects all the way through to impact reporting.

Microsoft Power Apps are what allows the citizen developer to create apps within the organisation which streamline process and consolidate date into one place. 10! Seats! Free! With a discounted pricing of $2.50 per month per additional user.

If you have an app you want to use and engage with now is the time to take the plunge and connect your organisation to the rest of your operations and increase your efficiency threefold

What Exactly Is Dynamics 365 And Why Should You Care?

You may have come across the term ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) before while nosing around the idea of digital transformation for your organisation.

Dynamics 365 is a set of interconnected, modular SaaS applications and services, designed in mind to transform the way your organisation interacts with core customers and employees. Self-empowerment and streamlined processes are the key words on the tip of the tongue, as it combines CRM and ERP capabilities, data integration, business logic and processes.

Instead of having separate sales and marketing functions, Dynamics integrates automated and intelligent sales and marketing capabilities that make the sales funnel and pipeline even less of a headache. Converting leads into paying customers with a simple, easy to modulate application.

Through Microsoft Azure the services are natively integrated with Microsoft 365 productivity apps, consolidating the way you manage your users and services into a unified view.

What Do You Mean by Apps? Like From An App Store?

Short answer, no.

The apps within Dynamics 365 are adaptable applications deployed to your business as well as your specific departmental needs. They work great on their own but even better together. Like a bunch of Lego, you build as you desire, and they all work together no matter what. They’re beautifully made building blocks designed with efficiency in mind.

And, because they’re serviced on the cloud, they are accessible from anywhere meaning the end-users aren’t tethered to an on-premises service in order to access the apps.

The cloudThing NonProfit Power Ups

cloudThing have worked a fair bit with non-profit organisations and we can honestly say; we’ve heard it all. All the gripes and worries and aims an organisation could have, we’ve probably created an app for.

We decided it was a bit silly to keep making a bespoke app for each organisation when we could instead create a series of shrink-wrapped apps and give them away to non-profits as part of our contribution to tech for social change.

Take it, Run With it, Take a Stab at it!

Take advantage of the free seats on the Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise AND the seats onboard the Power Apps AND cloudThing’s powerUps… and see what happens.

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Thu Aug 12 2021

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