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Introducing: The Microsoft Dataverse For Teams

Tue Nov 17 2020

Microsoft’s Common Data Service, the core of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, has been renamed the Microsoft Dataverse

Microsoft have just announced that their renamed Common Data Service (now the Microsoft Dataverse) is now available on general release and comes with a slew of new features, included embedded Power Platform tools to make it even easier for Microsoft customers to build low-code/no-code apps, automate processes and deploy chatbots… all without ever having to leave Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft’s Dataverse (previously the Common Data Service) has been changing the way organisations work since it’s inception, empowering people to build their own low code apps and data platforms to automate their business processes.

This name change isn’t just cosmetic though. Nor is it a simple way of announcing some new features.

It represents a different way of working, with a much greater focus going forward on demonstrating to organisations and individuals within those organisations the possibilities in low code/no code design.

A big part of that is a subset of the Dataverse, Microsoft Dataverse for Teams, included for Teams users at no additional cost.


These new features entered a preview state back in September and since then Microsoft have reported that the number of organisations using the Power Platform in Teams double.

They’ve put those numbers down to the approachability of Dataverse for Teams low-code/no-code back end functionality… in fact in the last two months Microsoft have already reported over 20 terabytes of data being stored in Dataverse for Teams.


T-Mobile, an early adopter of the Dataverse for teams had this to say…

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Microsoft Dataverse for Teams together with Microsoft Power Platform is a game changer. This powerful combination empowers everyone to work together and solve business challenges that meet the needs of a swiftly changing work environment. Where there used to be no way to easily centralize processes, now everyone has a single source of truth with centralized data and is better positioned to solve business challenges by building apps and bots at scale and innovate more rapidly.

Brian Hodel - Senior Developer, T-Mobile

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Having the Power Apps studio embedded in Teams also makes it a lot easier to collaborate on creating, editing and sharing your low-code/no-code apps using data from the Dataverse or over 400 other data sources.

It comes with native responsive layouts and fluent controls that provide elevated image and video experiences that allow Teams users to easily create sophisticated custom applications within the Teams app itself.


It doesn’t stop there though.

If your organisation has a Power BI licence, then you can also use the entire Power BI functionality within Teams as well.

Microsoft have created what they call a ‘new experience’, where all your data is centralised inside of Teams, and reporting and insights from across the organisation are collated in an easy to consume, shareable way.


They’ve added a new homepage view in Teams for Power Automate that comes with a ‘create experience’ in the Teams app that orientates itself around templates, making it a lot easier to build workflows. The new API-M connector for Power Automate also means you can integrate existing systems, services, and data that are connected to the Azure API Management Service.

Finally, for anyone that’s not quite sure where to start, Microsoft recommend checking out some of the OotB (Out-of-the-Box) templates like the ‘Ideas’ app.

The Ideas app means all team members have a space within Teams to propose and share ideas.

Templates are available as-is or can easily be customised with low-code/no-code Power Platform tools and deployed in one click.

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Tue Nov 17 2020

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