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Microsoft Ends Speculation Around Office 365 Pro Plus Users Being Forced To Use Bing

Wed Feb 12 2020

Have you been listening to the speculation (or taking part in the debate) around Microsoft's future plans for Office 365?

There’s been a lot of speculation recently as to whether Microsoft would force Office 365 Pro Plus users to use Bing as their default search engine in Chrome after their 22nd Jan announcement that this would become standard as of the end of February.

However, since that announcement there’s been a lot of push back from both system administrators and end users who didn’t want Office 365 to change their search defaults without first offering an opt-in process.

In a recent statement on the Microsoft Tech Community forums those concerns were addressed when Microsoft explained:


“We’ve heard concerns about the way we were planning to roll this value out.

Most importantly, we heard that customers don’t want Office 365 ProPlus to change search defaults without an opt-in, and they need a way to govern these changes on unmanaged devices.

Based on your feedback, we are making a few changes to our plan.”


As of now cloudThing understands Microsoft has no further plans to install the Microsoft Search in Bing extension for Chrome automatically.

Instead, it means system administrators will still be able to opt-in to deploy the browser extension to their Office 365 ProPlus users as they see fit.


Due to this change Office 365 ProPlus, version 2002, will obviously no longer be shipped with the Microsoft Search in Bing extension and Microsoft have said they’ll announce soon with an updated release timeline for everyone; so check back for updates as they come.

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