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Microsoft Teams Soon To Be Compatible With Skype

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Microsoft releasing an update allowing integration of Skype with their Microsoft Teams collaboration software

Microsoft are working hard on integrating Microsoft Teams and Skype which would allow people using Skype to communicate with people using Microsoft Teams.


It’s known the feature has been in development for a while, with a probable release date of April 2020, although whether issues surrounding the Corona Virus will speed up or delay this release now is still unknown.


The fact you can’t ‘Skype’ people from Teams has long been one of the push backs from individuals and organisations against the adoption of Microsoft Teams so this update, when it happens will be very exciting.

Users will be able to message and/or call Skype users using their Skype ID/email address.

cloudThing understand that by default this feature will be disabled, with users or system admins able to easily enable it through Microsoft Teams settings.


In recent days Microsoft Teams has seen a huge spike in demand with people all over the world working from home during the Corona Virus crisis and remote collaboration being even more important to businesses than ever before.


Whilst Microsoft Teams may seem like a quick solution, as a stand alone it's nothing more than a communication app.

To truly make the most of it you'll need to make fundementenal changes to your businesses culture first.

In the coming weeks cloudThing will be discussing just that so check back regularly!

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