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MOD Denies Banning Zoom Video App

Tue Mar 31 2020

The Ministry of Defence has had to release a statement denying claims that it had ordered staff to immediately stop all use of the Zoom Video App

Video confrencing Apps like Zoom, HouseParty, Microsoft Teams and Google Duo etc have become very popular during the coronavirus lockdown but the MoD has had to deny claims that it ordered all MoD employees to stop using Zoom amidst security concerns.

It qualified the statement by explaining that Zoom could be used by staff below a certain security clearance level; which to us made it sound like it was forbidding the use of the app when discussing national security.


It was forced to clarify its position after a report appeared from the Press Association making the claims that a message had been sent to all staff banning it’s use, stating, "with immediate effect whilst we investigate security implications that come with it".


Zoom also released a statement denying it’s App wasn’t secure.

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Zoom takes user security extremely seriously. Globally, 2,000 institutions ranging from the world's largest financial services companies to leading telecommunications providers, government agencies, universities, healthcare and telemedicine practices have done exhaustive security reviews of our user, network and data centre layers confidently selecting Zoom for complete deployment.

Zoom Spokesperson

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That being said, there’s been an increase in reports in recent days from people using Zoom hangouts to stay in touch with colleagues, friends or family of suffering from a phenomenon known as ‘zoombombing’.

What’s Zoombombing you ask?

Zoombombing is when internet trolls take advantage of the default settings in the Zoom App to ‘gate-crash’ public calls. 

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Tue Mar 31 2020

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