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Even More Awesome Features For Microsoft Teams…

Mon Oct 05 2020

Faster, uses less power & a new 7x7 user grid for conferencing calls

With many still working from home, the collaboration app Microsoft Teams has seen a huge surge in usage, with over 80 million daily active users.

With the amount of new users, Microsoft have released a slew of new features designed to help increase productivity and engagement for it’s users.


According to Microsoft the new features will reduce the launch time of Teams on desktop by 30%. This is being achieved by delaying all non-essential operations until after Teams has launched, whilst at the same time, optimising the code delivery flow and implementing service side optimisations.

This will reduce the average workload of Microsoft Teams on devices CPU’s and GPU’s during video calls by reducing animations, blending layers, and simplifying the overall experience for users.

Microsoft have also been able to achieve a 40% improvement in battery consumption for iOs by moving large chunks of the background processing to cloud services.


Here’s the fun bit though. Microsoft Teams will now have 7x7 grid views enabled on its video calls, allowing up to 49 people on screen at once. To activate this, existing users will just need to turn on the multi-window meeting experience in their settings.

You’ll also be able to configure your mic and video configurations before a meeting begins, use a Safe Transfer feature to move calls between Teams and Skype for Business and they’ve added new licensing packages for discounted meetings and calls. 


There’s more to come though!

It’s rumoured that some time soon Microsoft will add Breakout room functionality to Teams, letting callers split off into smaller groups during a meeting with a presenter able to move from one group to the next, making group or individual statements, before being able to close the different groups and bring everyone back to the main call.

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Mon Oct 05 2020

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