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MP Announces “We Can’t Save Every Charity”

Mon Apr 27 2020

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, recently told the Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Committee that the Government can’t save every business, nor every charity.

Whilst many of us had feared it, the Culture Secretary recently confirmed the Government won’t be able to save every charity.

In a recent interview via webcam with the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Committee he [Oliver Dowden] was pressed for more information on the Governments £750m aid package offered to the not-for-profit sector.


Julian Knight, the Conservative chair of the committee, questioned him on how given that the National Council for Voluntary Organisations had estimated that the charity sector would lose over £4bn in income over the next three months, the government’s £750m package would prevent “hundreds if not thousands of charities going to wall”.


Oliver Dowdens only answer to this was that the sector could also make use of other Government initiatives, such as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

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When you put together both the overarching economic support for all sectors, which charities can take advantage of, and this specific [£750m] scheme, I think it does the job.

The Chancellor has been honest, and I’ve echoed that, in that we can’t save every business, and that would include not being able to save every single charity.

I must say that this level of support is pretty unprecedented. I think the next nearest equivalent was just over £40m provided by the last government during the 2009 crash. Well, this is many multiples of that.

Oliver Dowden, UK Culture Secretary

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He went on to state that some charities, for instance, ones that had had “commercial fundraising schemes that they are no longer able to do” could make use of the furlough scheme and that large amounts of philanthropy from private individuals was also supporting the sector, citing the specific example of Captain Tom Moore.

Finally, he told the committee that the government would be publishing the criteria for which charities would be eligible for support through funds being provided via the National Lottery Community Fund and that these would include factors such as what they are doing to support communities through the pandemic.

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Mon Apr 27 2020

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