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Nationwide Says To Its Staff… “Work Anywhere”

Sun Mar 28 2021

Nationwide has told 13,000 members of staff they can choose to work from anywhere in the country after the pandemic

Nationwide, the UK’s biggest building society, has just announced the closure of three of it’s Swindon offices to cut office space but, rather than make redundancies, all the staff, plus 10,000 others have been told that after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted they’ll be allowed to work wherever they wish.

In a statement announcing the news, the building society chain stated they believe the new flexibility offered to its staff will give them more control over their lives as well as enable them to save costs by reducing office space.

The 3,000 members of staff affected by the Swindon closures will be given the choice of switching to another office, working from home, or adopting a hybrid model that bests suits their own needs.


Leading up to this announcement, Nationwide conducted a survey of their employees and found 57% said they’d prefer working from home full time after lockdown, with 36% saying they’d like to adopt a hybrid model of WFH and being in the office, whilst only 6% were looking forward to going back to the office fulltime.

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Research suggests that employees make better decisions when working from home.

Offices would still have an important role to play after restrictions are lifted although people would be free to choose how often they wanted to travel to their office for work.

Joe Garner – CEO, Nationwide

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The move from Nationwide raises the question as to what other firms will do post-lockdown, with the MP’s such as Matt Hancock encouraging people back to the office but many employees preferring the work/life balance they’ve found during the pandemic.


Many other companies are also making similar at the moment:


  • Alphabet, owner of Google, announced all employees could continue to work from home until at least September 2021, with the possibility of flexible working after that.
  • Twitter and Facebook have said their employees can work home ‘forever’ or at least until the end of the decade if they wanted.
  • British Airways announced last week their office staff could adopt a hybrid working model after the pandemic, splitting their lies between home and the office.
  • BP told it’s staff they could work from home two days a week once the coronavirus crisis is over.
  • Lloyds Banking Group is still considering whether to axe nearly 20% of it’s office space over the next couple of years after an internal survey showed 80% of their staff were in favour of staying at home for at least three days a week.
  • The Daily Mirror is also planning on closing all it’s offices except for fifteen regional hubs as 75% of their staff wished to continue working from home.

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Sun Mar 28 2021

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