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Nearly Half Of NonProfit Leaders Thinking About Quitting Over COVID Pressures

Sun May 09 2021

In the last year, as a direct result of additional pressures caused by the pandemic, nearly half of charity chiefs have considered leaving

During the last year, as pressure caused by COVID has mounted on the NonProfit sector, almost half of its leaders have considered quitting under the strain.

The demand on NonProfits has never been higher than it has been during the last eighteen months, amongst various lockdowns with increased demand on charities services… this, amidst a sector already struggling with both staff and volunteer burnout.


All of this has come out in a survey conducted by Insurance firm Ecclesiastical, who surveyed 450 charity leaders.

Findings from the survey by Ecclesiastical also found there’d been a major increase in stress and anxiety among NonProfit staff as well:


  • 44% of NonProfit leaders were considering leaving the voluntary sector as a direct result of additional pressure caused by the pandemic.
  • Over two in five charity leaders had seen an increase in mental health concerns amongst their staff since the start of the year.
  • Two thirds of charity leaders were concerned the effects of staff and volunteer burnout would have on their organisation. These concerns included not being able to provide services to their chosen cause.
  • Over Four in five respondents stated it had already become harder to meet the needs of their service users during the pandemic thanks to staff shortages and a loss of volunteers after complaints about burnout or stress.
  • Cases of anxiety (chosen by 71% of respondents), stress (70%), depression (66%) have all risen since the start of the year.
  • One in four charity leaders said they had seen an increase in both self-harm and suicidal feelings amongst their staff and volunteers.


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Sun May 09 2021

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