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Not-For-Profit Sector Stands To Lose Over £35m In The Next 3 Months

Thu Apr 02 2020

Charities could lose £25m from pub closures plus a further £10m from grass root organisations

PubAid, which is an organisation promoting charitable activities through pubs, recently released a statement in which they were worried the charity sector could lose £25m in donations that would ordinarily be collected in pubs as well as a further £10m for grass-roots sports bodies if the coronavirus outbreak continues for a further twelve weeks.


However, they did point out that although many pubs have indeed closed, they continue to serve their community with activities such as delivering meals to those at high risk and unable to leave their homes.  

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Clearly, traditional fundraising through events in pubs will have to stop, in line with government advice to avoid social contact. We are only at the beginning of this very difficult time, but we are confident that pubs will continue to help people to come through it, offering practical, social and emotional support. Pub doors might be shutting, but pubs will find a way to remain a force for good in their local communities.

Des O'Flanagan, co-founder of PubAid

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There’s also growing concern in the sector that small charities may be excluded from the Governments £10,000 small business grant scheme.

A letter from Richard Robertson, executive councillor for finance and resources at the Labour-controlled Cambridge City Council, to his MP Daniel Zeichner, also from Labour, initially raised the point that due to how the grant was worded, small charities would be excluded.

At the start of the outbreak the government announced that small businesses could apply for a grant of up to £10,000 to help weather the storm covid-19 was causing.

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This is grossly unfair and presumably not the intention of the government. Small charities will in most cases still be trying to carry out their function and serve the people who benefit from their work. They certainly should get help from the grant.

Richard Robertson - Executive Councillor for Finance & Resources, Cambridge City Council

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cloudThing appreciate how hard the Not-For-Profit Sector has been hit during the coronavirus outbreak and are happy to talk to any charitable organisation as to how we can help them weather the storm



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Thu Apr 02 2020

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