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Ofcom Want To Help The 40% Of People Who Won’t Swap Broadband As It’s “Too Complicated”

Mon Feb 08 2021

Ofcom to make switching broadband providers as easy as making a call

UK communications regulator Ofcom want to institute a ‘one touch’ policy for swapping broadband providers.

The new propels would make it easier for consumers to switch service providers.


Currently the regulator is consulting on the proposals and will be until the 31st of March where it will make a final decision based on its findings by the end of summer with the final plans expected to come into force by December 2022.


The new proposals are designed to stop unnecessary hassle for subscribers that prevents them from easily changing providers.

This has all been prompted by research from Ofcom which shows that nearly 40% of consumers avoided switching their broadband as they felt the process was far too complex. Many were also put off by the fact that they thought it would take too long as well.

For instance, under the current system, if a customer wanted to swap from BT to Virgin Media or from a copper line to super-fast fibre, then they’d have to first contact the new provider, then their existing one, timing it just right so that there was no gap or crossover in their service.


Under Ofcom’s suggested new rules, all anyone would have to do is contact their chosen, new provider. Whether they were swapping providers. Networks or just changing their service package.

Another ‘pro’ of this system is that it would stop customers having to put up with attempts by their current provider offering sales pitches to stay.

Ofcom hope the new measures would make it possible for someone to switch providers "in as little as one day if technically possible".


All a customer will have to do is pass their details onto their new provider who will then handle everything, automatically switching them over.  

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Switching broadband can feel like a complicated process and can put some consumers off searching for a better deal, potentially costing them £90 a year as they sit out of contract with their existing provider. Making things easier for consumers will become especially important in the future... so consumers can move to next generation services with minimal fuss.

Richard Neudegg - Head of Regulation, Uswitch

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Mon Feb 08 2021

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