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Red Cross Chief Exec Says Charities Should “Potentially Consider Consolidating”

Sun Jul 26 2020

Mike Adamson of the Red Cross, in a statement said he, “would not be sure whether he would know who to engage with on the big issues”

In a blog post about what the future might look like for the not-for-profit sector Mike Adamson, Chief Executive of the British Red Cross, said charities of all sizes had to find a way to work together, finding ways to collaborate and maybe even consolidate.

He continued by saying that the non-profit sector had to show the UK Government that they could come up with practical solutions to the society’s challenges but that currently the sector was too disparate to be “investible and viable partner at the top table on the big issues”. 

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If I was in government, I am not sure I would always know who to engage with. Big and small charities must find ways to collaborate and potentially even consider consolidating.

If we are truly leaning in, it should feel viscerally different, even uncomfortable. We need to invest seriously in leadership development for the new talent coming through, and for the old dogs like me who are still going to be around in one role or another, trying to help change the world for the better. We must be open to learning with leaders from other sectors, facing different, but related challenges.

We need to be ready to share information within the sector, we need to better predict how people will use our services and we need to use new ways to reach people. That means new capabilities in newly designed organisations

This is a profound matter of identity. Without this, we will become irrelevant and less effective in our delivery.

I sense a growing realisation that we need to change if we are to harness the new power that responding to Covid-19 requires

If we embrace this, I am confident not only about this fight, but the ones to follow too.

Mike Adamson - Chief Executive of British Red Cross 

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Sun Jul 26 2020

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