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Redesigned Windows Start Menu & Centre Aligned Taskbar In Leaked Screenshot

Mon Jan 18 2021

The new Microsoft Windows 10x OS was only meant to be for foldable devices but has since morphed into single screen devices

An almost finished, functional version of Microsoft’s new Windows 10x operating system has been leaked online, which has given reviewers the chance to have an advanced look at some of the cool new features that will be available in the upcoming OS.


Microsoft first announced Windows 10x back in 2019 where they said it would be used as an OS for dual screen devices before being rolled out to standard laptops.

That was followed by a quick about turn however when Microsoft decided to solely focus on single screen devices.


The Windows 10x Os will be a Windows 10 ‘lite’; it’s not meant as a full replacement or upgrade. Instead, Microsoft see it as being useful for ‘Chromebook style notebooks’ and tables, where internet access is the main focus.

It was also meant to launch with support for Win32 apps but again, that changed and is now expected to arrive much later.


Back to the leak… The nearly finished version that’s been seen has shown some very interesting similarities to Chrome OS.

It looks like Microsoft have simplified a lot of Windows 10x, now displaying more like a web portal than a Window apps one.

It also shows what appears to be a completely redesigned Windows Start Menu, acting as a launcher. There’s shortcuts for productivity tools, apps, and recently saved documents as well as the ability to search for documents, apps, and other web content through Bing.

Perhaps most different is the task bar, which has become centre aligned and much more simplified. 


Windows 10x should be available later this year as a pre-installed OS on new PC’s but for other devices, including foldables and tablets, it likely won’t arrive till at least 20222. 

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Mon Jan 18 2021

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