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RSCPA Volunteering Up 85% In 12 Months Thanks To ‘MicroVolunteers’

Sun Jun 06 2021

The RSPCA has over doubled its no. of volunteers during the pandemic

In the last twelve months the RSPCA has reported an 85% increase in the number of people volunteering to help them , with their current number of volunteers standing at 16,000 across the UK. In fact, since the first UK lockdown back in March 2020, they’ve doubled the number of volunteers on its books.

A big part of that has been the 4,800 people signing up to the RSPCA’s ‘microvolunteering’ program which has allowed volunteers to donate time completing digital tasks, such as research, reporting or promoting their fundraising events.


That digital volunteering, the RSPCA have said, has massively contributed to their surge in volunteers since the pandemic hit. It’s also led to the charities youngest volunteer base, with 66% of their volunteers now aged 35 or younger and over a third under the age of 25.

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We’ve seen a real surge in volunteers since the start of the pandemic, which is just incredible to see, and a large part of that can be attributed to our digital volunteering. As more people have been spending time at home and were either furloughed or out of work, we have found that lots of people were trying their hand at microvolunteering for the RSPCA. Microvolunteering appeals to people who don’t have much time, or find it difficult to physically volunteer at a centre or similar. Collectively, the microvolunteers have completed more than 12,000 digital tasks. During the pandemic, microvolunteering has enabled people who have had to pause their traditional volunteering roles due to government guidance or shielding to carry on supporting the RSPCA. This has not only benefited the charity, but has also helped us to stay in contact with our volunteers and support their wellbeing needs.

John Wilkins - Head of Volunteering, RSPCA

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When the RSPCA were asked how they plan to sustain this surge in volunteerism, a spokesperson commented to say: “We have an ambitious plan to recruit one million volunteers by 2030 to help us achieve our mission of helping animals in desperate need of care and preventing cruelty.” 

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Sun Jun 06 2021

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