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Singapore Pivot Their Economy To Go Full On Digital

Sun May 31 2020

A new agency has been created to empower small business owners to use digital payments whilst teaching older members of the populace to ‘Internet’

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic the Singapore Government has just announced the creation of the ‘Singapore Digital Office’ whose sole aim will to be:

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Drive the Government’s initiatives to accelerate digital adoption in our community, as we embark on a phased recovery post COVID-19.

Singapore Gov. Press Officer

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S. Iswaran, the Singaporean Minister for Communications and Information commented to say the new agency was needed as coronavirus had “has irrevocably changed the way we lead our lives” but that many citizens hadn’t been able to take advantage of modern technology to it’s fullest to help cope with the new reality.

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The Government recognises that in the wake of COVID-19, digitalisation is now both an imperative and an opportunity. Digitalisation can significantly improve the lives and livelihoods of our people. We are therefore seizing the moment, by establishing the new SG Digital Office and doubling down on our efforts to help every individual, worker and business go digital

S. Iswaran, - Singapore Minister for Communications and Information

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The new agency will start life by completing three urgent tasks:


  • Recruit 1,000 Digital Ambassadors to help promote Digital Technologies
  • Have them run sessions teaching seniors how to adopt available Digital Technologies more readily
  • Encourage small retailers to adopt digital payments.


The plan is to start with the 1,000 new ambassadors visiting local markets, food courts and over 18,000 other venues to encourage the stall holders to adopt SGQR codes… a Government operated scheme that aggregates e-payment solutions.


The aim is for these small retailers to go fully digital so they can avoid handling cash, which, whilst not directly linked to the transmission of the corona virus, will ensure they won’t “be left behind as the whole economy transforms.”


It’s expected the 1,000 ambassadors will git the streets of Singapore this month, having visited everyone they aim to by the end of June with a goal of signing 18,000 retailers to e-payments by June of 2021

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Sun May 31 2020

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