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MI5 & Other Spy Agencies Urgently Need AI To Fight International Threats

Sun May 03 2020

A recent Government report states all UK spy agencies need to adopt AI technologies to help combat emerging threats in the global arena

In a report published by RUSI (Royal United Services Institute), the use of cutting edge AI is strongly recommended for British spy agencies in countering a host of global threats posed by their adversaries as well as strengthening  the efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes within said agencies.


RUSI’s report came after they were commissioned by GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) to conduct a study into the use of AI technology for the purpose of National Security.  

The report was compiled by experts at RUSI after in-depth consultation with various stakeholders from across Britain’s national security community as well as both legal and academic experts, private sector firms and other civilian representatives and revealed that ‘adversaries’ of the UK were either already or likely to in the future, using Artificial Intelligence technology to launch attacks against both the British Political structure and our cyber systems.


These attacks could come in the form of deep fake videos and images to influence elections and originate from both groups and/or hostile nations.

The possibility also exists that foreign State backed cyber actors could also launch attacks against systems handling confidential and sensitive data or even using drones to carry out terrorist attacks on British sovereign soil.


One of the key takeaways from the report is for the British Intelligence community to find new AI solutions to counter such future threats.

However the report finished by stating:

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While AI offers numerous opportunities for UKIC to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes, these new capabilities raise additional privacy and human rights considerations which would need to be assessed within the existing legal and regulatory framework. Addressing these concerns is a high priority for the national security community.

Royal United Services Institute AI Report

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Sun May 03 2020

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