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Microsoft Unveils The Future Of Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Tue Feb 04 2020

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Human Resources is being re-branded & re-vamped

Here’s everything you need to know…

As promised by Microsoft’s spokespeople back in December of last year, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources portfolio is set for a re-brand and re-vamp.

A few Dynamics 365 HR products will be retired with others receiving a re-brand with the news being e can expect new HR capabilities between now and the Autumn of this year.


Last week representatives at Microsoft gave us an overview of what we can expect from Dynamics 365 HR new features that are now in preview (go look you’re self – they’re really cool!) and are considered part of it’s Dynamics 365 Wave 1 2020 release.


  • Enhanced plan configuration
  • Flexible and configurable administration options
  • Additional eligibility setup options
  • The ability to establish flex credit programs


You can see their full roadmap for 2020 on the Microsoft Docs website here >>. One of the most exciting features will be the ability to access and maintain HR in the Common Data Service which should be available around September ’20.


As previously reported in December, Microsoft spokespeople reiterated they’ll be dropping the Dynamics 365 Talent Attract & Talent Onboard apps by February 2022 and advised developers to look instead at the Linkedin Talent Hub.

However , they also said Microsoft would be repackaging a few of the core HR capabilities of Dynamics 365 Talent and releasing them in Dynamics 365 HR this month. Some of these new Dynamics 365 HR capabilities are based on the rights to Solutions from FourVision and Elevate HR, which you may remember Microsoft acquired last year.

Watch this space for more updates to Dynamics 365 as they're announced.

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Tue Feb 04 2020

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