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Voice4Change Criticises Race Report For ‘Lack Of Understanding’

Mon Apr 12 2021

Kunle Olulode, Voice4Change President and Member of the Race Commission panel has said the final report lacks understanding of discrimination

Voice4Change, led by Kunle Olulode, who was also a prominent member of the Government’s race commission, has released a statement that says the Government’s finished report on the state of racism in the UK ‘lacks understanding of discrimination’ and is too ‘selective’ in its use of evidence.

The NonProfit organisation went on to condemn the Government for it’s lack of transparency in releasing the report.


Voice4Change is the latest in a series of prominent individuals and organisations condemning the findings of the new report from the independent Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities whose report was published last month. 

It’s worth noting that the commission has strongly rejected all such allegations.


Their 258-page report has found that modern Britain isn’t institutionally racist and that there is a ‘new story’ to be told about the UK’s slavery past which doesn’t focus solely on the suffering inflicted on victims.

The report goes on to acknowledge racism and racial injustice does still exist but states it’s existence has more to do with a person’s geography, family influence, socio-economic background, culture or religion than any form of institutional racism.


However, since the reports publication, several academics who have been cited in the report have claimed they weren’t properly consulted and that they were never asked to produce specific research for the commission.

A further hundred campaigners have also penned and joint letter that urges the commission chair, a Tony Sewell, to retract the report, which they claim refutes the experiences of hundreds of black citizens, stripped of their right to live in the UK, during the Windrush scandal.

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The report does not give enough to show its understanding of institutional or structural discrimination… Evidence in sections, that assertive conclusions are based on, is selective.

The report gives no clear direction on what expectations of the role of public institutions and political leadership should be in tackling race and ethnic disparities. What is the role of the state in this?

We will consult our members and communities to provide further analysis in response to the report, which can give voice to those who feel they have been ignored or marginalised. We will start with the sections on education and the criminal justice system.

Voice4Change Statement

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In response to this the commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities has said:

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We reject these allegations. They are deliberately seeking to divert attention from the recommendations made in the report. The commission’s view is that, if implemented, these 24 recommendations can change for the better the lives of millions across the UK, whatever their ethnic or social background. That is the goal they continue to remain focused on.

Committee Spokesperson

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