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Business Architecture

Defining Business Architecture and its role in creating a more efficient work flow

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The definition of Business Architecture is understanding how the different holistic processes within your business operate and come together as a whole. 

It’s about understanding why it is, what it is, and having that deeper understanding so that the necessary actions and processes can happen in order to reach the desired end goal, bridging the gap between your strategic business model and your day to day operations.

cloudThing uses a Business Architecture Analysis Process for use in explaining the steps we take when providing client with a finished solution roadmap.

As a brief overview, we use ‘As-Is, to To-Be' processes.

That means we always look to minimise the number of business processes occurring and see where we can harmonise them which will, in return, harmonise how people in the organisation work.

Ultimately, this means the less processes there are, the more time staff have to focus on their key, strategic duties, in generating ‘worth’ or revenue.

By also standardising how we work, it allows all our clients to make efficiency savings (a standard way of working means that it’s easier to write code, therefore less man-hours are needed from us at cloudThing). 

The most important exercise in a Business Architecture workstream is creating a Business Process Map which is used to identify the processes that are currently underway in a client’s organisation.

From here, cloudThing can analyse these processes and see if we can reduce the volume of them (be they now redundant, duplicates, loose duplications, or overly complex) or just simplify them.

This ultimate goal being for organisation to run more efficiently. 

Don't just take our word for it

Find out more around how cloudThing mapped out our client's Business Architecture and used those findings as a road map for their digital transformation

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