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Re-Platforming Applications on the Cloud

Begin with the end in mind

Whether you have decided to migrate to the cloud, or currently weighing up your options. When you consider any cloud migration, you will be reviewing lots of VMs, applications and services that have been created over many years, by many teams, to support a huge range of business activities.

Untangling this interlinked web of services without causing any disruption to your staff may seem almost impossible. In reality, it can be achieved, but you need a detailed plan up front of what is being migrated, where and most importantly why. Without a business outcome to measure the success of a migration in terms of ROI, you may see little benefit from doing so.

That's why we recommend completing a cloud migration assessment before beginning the task, to ensure you understand the breadth of your estate, the dependencies and who will be impacted.

The benefits of migration

There's lots of benefits to moving to the cloud, the typical ones such as enhanced security, scalability and faster deployments.

However, a re-platforming of your existing applications is best undertaken to achieve a business goal, start with a 'story' such as:

"I want to move these applications to the cloud, so i can report on them in real time" or, "I want to migrate this application so i can continue to add new features via DevOps"

Without a goal like this, you may end up migrating purely for the sake of migrating, with salami slice cost savings.

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