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COVID-19 Update

How we're dealing with the outbreak

In this uncertain period, we want to ensure all of our customers, employees and suppliers have access to the latest information in regards to our Business Continuity Plans. We will keep this page updated with the latest information.

We have been proactive over the past few weeks in reviewing and testing our Business Continuity Plans, formulating our specific response to COVID-19, tailoring where necessary each of our customer's approaches and ensuring we are able to support you and our collective engagements effectively as events unfold.


As a tech. business with multiple locations, we are well set for remote working and our standing Business Continuity Plan ensures that all employees can work from home when required. Both our India and UK offices are following all government guidelines and have moved to a default home working approach, which will not impact any delivery activities.

To further develop and tailor planning, your Project Manager will be in touch to discuss any changes to ways of working needed to facilitate decisions you may have taken in your business and stand ready to help you in any way we can.

In the wake of the virus, Microsoft is offering free Teams licenses to support businesses. We have resources available to help our customers quickly set up these services so if you do require any assistance, please get in touch.  

New Starters

Although our offices are closed for the time being, we do not want this to delay you joining the cloudThing family. We have taken precautions to ensure new starters have the equipment and the tooling to work from home with immediate effect, and we are arranging induction sessions with our management to bring you up to speed, as we would if you were in the office.

You should have received advice from us regarding this process, but if you have not, please contact and we will give you instructions on how to get you up and running in advance of your first day working with us.


We're still hiring! We have long term commitments to customers on projects, that still need fulfilling. Although our hiring process will have to change for the time being, we are certainly still looking for talent. We will just have to wait to shake your hand once you're hired.

If you have any questions, please do just email us and we'll confirm the hiring timelines and processes.


In these uncertain times, we want to assure suppliers that we will stick to our principles of a Fair Payment Policy, we will not delay payment for services and we have taken the precautions to keep our business functioning as close to normal as possible throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

Please contact us on if you are at all impacted by office closures, or any adjustments to our ways of working.


We're working on formalising our COVID-19 wellbeing programme, to ensure our employees look after their physical and mental health during the hours working from home, potentially in isolation. We recommend everyone, not just cloudThingers make sure they are getting enough exercise, taking breaks from the screen and finding time to just talk about things other than work with colleagues and peers during this difficult time.

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