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Benefit from cloudThing's mature and proven design methodology & processes to create a seamless experience for your customers that delivers real results.

Design as a Service


Use Design as a Service (DaaS) packages to access expertise and experience, normally provided as part of a large scale projects to help with your design projects, whether they are to be completed in-house, fully outsourced or using a hybrid approach.


  • Proven, tried and tested Design collaborative design workshop approach to design new products and services.
  • Access to Senior cloudThing UX designers who have designed and developed millions pounds of solutions.
  • Fully interactive prototype design, low and high fidelity
  • Design desktop, mobile, hybrid and responsive native or web-based applications.


  • Improve customer experience & satisfaction
  • Validate & Optimize user journeys to improve goal conversion rates
  • Efficient & fast design, leverage cloudThing’s existing assets
  • Prototype & Design the possible, with supporting business, data & solution architecture services.
  • Access as a Service to assist in-house, fully outsourced or partner projects.

How it works

Firstly, we will complete a detailed assessment of your current infrastructure, applications and services. From this, we will identify opportunities for improvement, then create a best practice infrastructure design and implementation plan.

Working with major platforms hosting bespoke, hybrid, off-shelf, IaaS, PaaS applications and many more. Our DevOps experts will typically assess servers, applications and services based on some of the technologies above.

What you get

Included as standard:

  • Initial design brief consultation (remote)
  • Requirement gathering workshops
  • Project Mandate Document
  • Workshop Outcomes Report

Choose your package

Use our packages to ideate, validate and design up to 5 screens, key features or components in collaborative workshops.

Our prototype package enables you formulate ideas for product prototype without obligation to complete full design, this can be useful to test ideas early and gain sponsorship before engaging in a larger project.

Our prototype & design ensures development of a fully interactive prototype with accompanying high-fidelity concept designs.


Formulate ideas for product prototypes without obligation to complete full design, test ideas & gain sponsorship before engaging in a larger project.


Our prototype & design ensures development of a fully interactive prototype with accompanying high-fidelity concept designs.


You can extend this package with additional services or bespoke requirements including Technical Solution Architecture Design. Contact us.

Arrange your assessment today

We’ll just need you to answer provide answer some questions about your project so your appointed UX lead can tailor your workshop schedule accordingly.

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