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Utilising Azure, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform

Partner to Partner WinWire - The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

We have partnered with Kainos to deliver a Power Platform based solution for the DVSA

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is an executive agency of the UK Department for Transport (DfT) responsible for administering theory and practical driving tests within Great Britain.

From September 2021, the current out-sourced theory test service will be brought in-house running on a Power Platform based system built by Kainos & cloudThing. The new FTTS service is set to be the largest online testing service in the world.

The Facts

Initially the project was targeted to be the minimum viable product but it has since moved to fully scoping through CI post delivery.  Below are the key project details and timeline:

  • FTTS is the Largest Online Testing Service in the world
  • Future-Theory-Test-Service’ project (FTTS)
  • cloudThing joint partnership with Kainos to form one ‘Digital Integration Team’
  • Agile-scrum based delivery
  • 2-weekly sprints 
  • 2 Year Project

Go-Live: Sept 2021 - As we are engaging and suggesting an agile approach to the project, this is a fixed deadline as there is no contingency plan and this service is a legal requirement.

The Challenges

  • The DVSA had 20 integrations post MVP. Some of the integrations like payments and notifications running through service bus were still (pre-project) needing to be procured and centralised.
  • Uncertainty regarding which route would be the most beneficial for the DVSA to take, with a blend of staying close to the “out of the box” Power App Portal pages and some in the other camp of potentially scoping inline with the GDS assessment.
  • The DVSA have a high volume of traffic (In the region of 2.5 million a year) going through their website integrating directly with CDS, again this was whilst staying as close as possible to the “out of the box” product, however with the amount of traffic it was struggling to perform under the load.
  • The DVSA were predominantly more familiar with Amazon Web Services and the concept of ADO was new and would take time to adopt.  

The project and scope for future work

  • The project incorporates a blend of  3 x Power-App Portals for booking and service management covering In-House Theory Test Centres, Training Providers & Test Centres.
  • Breaking down Azure server-less functions and integrations with 20+ different Government systems: SAP, BC, CPMS, Test Engine, Test Content Management, DVLA, DVA, TARS, Gov.Notify, Location & Mapping API including Google Maps, Informatica)
  • Provisioning of Dynamics environments & pipelines
  • Provisioning of Azure Pipelines & Environments to support Citizen-facing booking website with wider CDS/D365 orchestration
  • Supporting the wider agency with tooling and best practise guidance on Dynamics & Azure Dev-Ops. This is the first DevOps pipeline utilising Azure built for the DVSA. This is being systematically pushed out to another project (CVS) and over to the newly positioned eCRM team effectively acting as the centre of excellence within the project.
  • Utilisation of Dynamics 365 as part of the Power Platform at the core underpinning theory-test service operation and management
  • Streamlining Case, Incident and complaints Management as part of the project
  • Restructuring Enquiries, Fraud & Audit Management
  • All Data residing within the Common Data Service

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