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Consolidate siloed applications in to the Cloud

Dynamics 365 Transformation

We remove barriers that impede Digital Transformation, allowing siloed applications to talk to each other whilst unlocking benefits that will span every aspect of your business with a robust platform that will scale and grow with your organisation

Bridge The Gap Between Your Departments Through Shared Data Services

Here at cloudThing we understand every organisation is different.

Some might only be using five applications.

Others could be using over 200.

No two customers will have the same sets of data or business intelligence that drive how they grow moving forwards.

And too often we see data being collected and housed across multiple applications within an organisation, often stored locally, rendering it powerless to aid in a companies strategic goals.

Data will be the currency of the future. Which means it's never been more important for an organisation to release its potential, instead of leaving it dormant, siloed away, trapped in a single application and controlled and accessed by just one department.

Adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud-based technology can re-invent how your applications talk to each other, allowing for cross-functional usage and department cutting edge collaboration.

We want to empower you so your customer service apps can connect with your finance apps, streamlining operations and making the entire organisation run and operate more efficiently (and that's all before we even get to the really cool stuff Dynamics 365 can do).

A Platform To Incrementally Build Future On

It may be that you just need the Microsoft Dynamics 365 'out-the-box' Solution,

However our philosophy of "Building Future" is a method of going beyond the traditional CRM system and maximising your investment by laying the foundations for your organisation to Continuously Improve for years to come.

Dynamics 365 is powerful enough to grow and scale as you do with little or no additional development. As time passes you can add additional applications and products all under one common data modal that underpins the platform, handing you the keys to truly transform your operations.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 will “reinvent business processes taking both a people-centric and platform-centric approach.”

Satya Nadella - CEO Microsoft

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Removing Departmental Barriers Using The Cloud

Cloud-based technology has paved the way for data to be shared and harnessed by every corner of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is able to provide an hollistic, single view of a customer right across across Sales, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service, Field Service and more.

The Cloud has made real Digital Transformation possible, ending the era of siloed data.

Businesses today have been empowered to create cross product workflows and unlock automation possibilities within Dynamics that enrich customer engagement and allow for better informed business decisions, all in an agile environment that can adjust and scale along with an organisations growth.

The 360 Customer View

Unify disparate data and gain a 360-degree view of customers across Marketing, Sales, Finance and Field Service


Unlock insights to power your business processes and deliver personalised experiences that help you retain and grow your customers

Consolidate Applications

Consolidate applications in the cloud; removing costly overheads by reconciling data with applications that you actually need and use

Just Some Of The Benefits Of A Dynamics 365 Transformation

  • Increased efficiency by empowering and up-skilling your employees through technology
  • Streamline and automate manual processes
  • Achieve a single view of the truth
  • Embrace an agile platform which allows you to build on as you scale
  • Re-invent your processes and business modals
  • Challenge with better informed decisions using data
  • Engage with your customers and have a 360 view of their requirements
  • Save money by consolidating applications in the cloud

Start Your Transformation Today

We'll aim to be back to you within two working days with a proposed date for your assessment. If you want it sooner, just give us a call!

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