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Improving Digital Culture

As the saying goes, 'culture eats strategy for breakfast'.

Ensuring employees feel empowered by the introduction of technology guarantees adoption of new digital processes; resulting in organic increases to productivity.

Culture Is Key When Unlocking Your Organisation's Potential

A recent survey of European CIOs found that 80% felt under pressure to deliver a 'successful digital transformation'.

Success stories using Cloud-based technologies have been around for years and yet most organisations are fundamentally the same now as they were five years ago.

They may be slightly quicker, leaner or more efficient but fundementally they're still the same business.

True transformation can't be achieved by just deploying new technology.

It's delivered by your people adopting new processes and culture, often enabled by technology.

That's why, when we work with clients on a project, our priority is a detailed discovery to understand the business objectives, and working with senior leadership teams to ensure the technology will deliver this.

Understanding Priorities

Through a combination of research, information gathering, workshops and process analysis cloudThing will determine what Solution will help you achieve these objectives.

We then break down these complex concepts into User Stories, accessible to both IT and Senior Leadership alike and wrestle these into coherent functional releases.

These inform the Solution and Technical Architectures that define the technical components and their interactions that deliver the vision.

Understanding Processes

The first exercise is to create a Business Process Map which is used to identify the various processes that are currently underway in the client’s organisation.

From here, cloudThing can analyse those porcesses and see if we can reduce the volume of them (be they now redundant, duplicates, loose duplications, or overly complex) and simplify them.

Once we have understood the requirements, we can then move on to generating a map of User Personas which helps us to understand who will be using your software and what they are really looking to achieve.

For example, a millennial customer is likely to interact with your software in a different way to a field service engineer or a back office administrator. This ensures that the new technology will make them more efficient and in turn, establishes that the technology is accessible, intuitive and is the foundation of the User Design.

Understanding People

Following this, we work with your users, whether that be staff or customers to understand their view of the processes and what technology they use to make this happen.

The point of this that it provides us with an ‘alternative truth’ which provides cloudThing and the customer with a more detailed understanding of what needs to happen and how we can really impact daily working lives with new tech.

From this we can create an information architecture diagram which allows both our client to see the main processes and add/take features away to fit their wants and requirements as the conversations continue.

By adding in personas and understanding the user mentality, we can involve all users at all levels in the process, meaning everyone feels invested in the project, and excited to make it a success.. 

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