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Incrementally Transforming Your Organisation Through Technology

Business Transformation

True transformation does not happen overnight and neither should it. We are able to cut through the buzzword and show how incremental improvements to processes and programmes will empower your people; putting all the pieces in place, allowing you to fail fast and early but win big, future proofing your transformation project from the beginning!

Getting Started

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Digital Transformation is a hugely overused term in the tech industry.

It's been used to describe a huge variety of projects, with 80% of CIOs feeling under pressure to deliver 'transformation'.

Having a common definition across the organisation is more important than ever.

Transformation is a fundamental change in something.

It is not something done faster or smarter but completely and utterly differently.

For a business, this all comes down to processes. If you wish to use technology, to do what you do today, but faster - then you are not looking to transform and that is absolutely fine.

Paramount to any successful project is clearly defined goals and outcomes, making sure the entire organisation understands the journey, the ambition and what is required to get there, whether it's transformation or just getting more efficient, spelling this out early is key.

From here, you can work backwards from your desired 'target state' to where you are today.

Map out your current processes, stakeholders, suppliers and technology. Only then can you identify what needs to change to reach your desired state.

You can then work incrementally to deliver this change in stages, meaning value is realised earlier and stakeholders see the benefits of the project.

Mitigate Risk By Having A Future Proof Strategy

Transformation is achieved through a mindset of Continuous Improvement across the organisation. 

Without making changes and daring to innovate, organisations in any sector can get left behind.

Risk will always arise when any changed is proposed and be prevalent within a transformation project, however we have discovered that by taking a modular approach an organisation can actually keep risk to the bare minimum yet maximise reward whilst continuously improving their IT services.

The Modular (Lego) Approach

Business Architecture allows us to take a modular approach to change by improving process and methods before introducing software. This leads to improving and stream lining the way we can engage but by locking the improvement in gets you rewarded early in to the project

Incremental Improvements

Organisations can view transformation as a journey rather than a destination and try new ways of operating without fear of failure

See Value Early

Failing fast means that you can quickly discount options and home in on the truly valuable improvements early on

Be Agile

Viewing transformation as a journey allows you to easily change direction when organisational priorities shift. You grow as circumstances change

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A discipline concerned with developing and maintaining business capabilities of the enterprise in line with the corporate strategy as well as contributing to the business strategy and plans

What is Business Architecture

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