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Bring your existing applications up to speed by identifying opportunities for both automation and insights to be delivered through your existing digital services.

When considering AI, Machine Learning and automation, it’s easy to become distracted by the hype around the technology, and the seemingly impossible promises that what this technology is capable of. With many organisation realising that ‘AI’ is no longer the realm of science fiction, it is still a real challenge to deliver something unique, and worth the large investment required to build an algorithm from scratch, then integrate it into a piece of software. In fact, the real smarts of ‘AI’ in it’s current form, comes from the humans who can offer insight into where to take advantage of existing solutions.

AI, is like any other piece of software, the main difference being that it’s often offloading the resource-intensive calculations to the cloud, to deliver results much faster. Or an algorithm is a unique piece of IP, that is so well suited to solving a particular problem and intuitive for users, that it in itself appears to be far more resource intensive than it actually is.

So how can this benefit your business? You may have existing applications, services and staff that you think could benefit from being made faster, smarter or more productive, and know that showing off some AI might greatly increase share prices, but are not certain exactly how to integrate this technology.

This is where cloudThing can really help, and it’s by treating an AI project similar to how we treat many of our other high value software development projects – we start by mapping your business processes, and all datasets and services which integrate to deliver your services today. We then work to understand what processes would need to change, or integrations need to be added to reach an ideal, automated and intelligent version of your application.

This enables us to save a huge amount of cost and development time for the client as we can then recommend how you can expedite integration of AI services by taking advantage of existing off the shelf solutions within both the PowerPlatform, such as AI Builder, and within Azure Cognitive Services. This means you can very quickly add intelligent insights, by connecting multiple data sources and surfacing them in your existing application, or you can automate your current manual processes without needing to redevelop your service from scratch. What's more, these services are continuously learning based on user interaction,. which means once integrated into your existing application, the user experience continuously improves over time even before development time is spent to add new features. 

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