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Process Automation

Saving time, money and staff resource through well implemented Process Automation

Shrink Time, Close Distance

Fundamentally, cloudThing are an organisation who specialise in business and technical consulting to help an organisation shrink time and shorten distances through digital technology.

The technology changes; it could be a bespoke application, it could be by customising something off the shelf or it could be a data science process to surface new features from existing data.

What does not change however is the hard work that goes in prior to the delivery of the technology... A detailed business workshop to map out all processes across all users that make up the organisation, from suppliers, to staff, to customers.

From this, we can work out the ‘ideal state’ of your organisation, and the ‘true state’ of how things are now – based on what management perceives the process to be, and what is the process in practice.

We can then workshop with users to identify opportunities to reduce manual data entry, erase duplication of processes and spot areas to enhance processes by integrating data insights from other areas of the organisation.

A good way to imagine the change from manual to digital processes is that of the effort required to replicate sheet music, either completely digitally with minimal effort via an automated recording or by enhancing staff with technology to make a live performance more compelling.

With business know-how and expertise we can advise your organisation on which approach makes the most sense and how achievable it is based on your budget.

Often, the technology to deliver unique experiences is already available off the shelf, but just requires a modern, cloud platform to integrate and deliver it.

Selecting The Right Technology

Once we have mapped processes, we can work with you to choose the approach to optimise and automate them.

Through exploratory analysis we will analyse the relevant data to the process and build a hypotheses about how it could be automated.

Our Solution Architects will then suggest the least resource intensive way of achieving this based on cost to integrate or develop the solution, time to train users and the cost associated with maintaining the solution.

We can then test the viability of the technology and the automation hypotheses through observation of users interacting with a prototype or wireframes.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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