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Access our ISTBQ certified teams mature testing capabilities, to improve quality, reduce risk and improve efficiency.

Quality Assurance As A Service


Our Quality Assurance packages have been put together to offer an individually tailored delivery of mature testing from an ISTBQ certified team.

We can deliver an individually tailored test strategy to ensure requirements will be met, prevent and detect defects and provide clear and concise information to decision makers.


  • Access QA expertise & experience matured through delivering millions of pounds of enterprise multi-stage transformation programmers & bespoke development projects as a discreet package.
  • Use to test in-house, co-sourced or fully outsourced projects
  • Support for all modern testing practices & specialized testing
  • Modern, best practice agile testing methodology
  • ISTQB Certified Teams & ISO 27001 Compliant Processes
  • Gold Microsoft competency in Application Development


  • Improve test plans with support to develop robust testing strategies, ensure effort is focused in the right area to reduce risk.
  • Utilize QA resources flexibly for complete or additional QA support, reducing internal overheads or recruitment needs.
  • Source capabilities for all types of testing & applications, including specialised and automated testing.
  • Highly calibre, experienced talent, proven methodologies.

How it works

When you use our QA services the first thing we'll do is to understand what needs to be tested and what you need to achieve. We'll develop a testing strategy on a page,  designed to ensure:

•All requirements will be met

•Prevent and detect defects

•Provide clear and concise information to decision makers.

The test strategy will establish which types of testing will be applied from our range of mature testing capabilities, in addition the strategy will define a clear plan for:

•Risk Matrix Testing - ensuring testing effort is focused on the right areas.

•Test team - which of cloudThing's test capabilities will be utilised and how.

•Environmental Progression - which environments will be used to test and when.

What you get

Included as standard:

Our packages offer fully outsourced or collaborative quality assurance support for test strategy definition, planning, execution and reporting.

  • Testing Maturity Assessment
  • High Level Testing Strategy Definition
  • Iterative Test Plan & Execution
  • Management Reporting
  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Migration Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Specialized Testing (e.g. Security)
  • Automated Testing

Choose your package

Our packages offer fully outsourced or collaborative quality assurance support for test strategy definition, planning, execution and reporting.


Customized team arrangements are possible – call us about Team as a Service (TaaS).


Assess your own testing capability & maturity identifying opportunities for test process improvement.


For smaller applications or low-test coverage 1 day is typically suitable, for other applications a min of 4 days application analysis is required.


You can extend your assessment package with additional services or bespoke requirements - contact us.

Customer Use Case

Short stories of where our Quality Assurance has made an impact


Arrange your Quality Assurance Assessment Today

If you have never worked with us before we’ll need to complete some analysis of your requirements ,systems being tested and existing documentation to develop an appropriate testing strategy that will deliver the expected result. If the application is small or not complex 1 day of application analysis may be sufficient, typically most applications require 4 days.

With requirements understood, you can choose a QA team size to suit your budget or achieve the velocity required and work with a Dedicated test manager to flexibly utilize that team. Read about packages and pricing on the following page.

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