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Deliver An Intuitive Experience That Delights Users

User Experience Design

We provide Design & UX services for a huge variety of software. We offer this both as as a service and as part of our wider business transformation projects, along with any software build we undertake. We believe that by building empathy with our users and understanding their needs, we build better software.

Our UX Design process has three stages:

  • Research
  • Interpretation
  • UX Vision

Each of these plays a key part in working towards what the client wants and needs, and what we can realistically provide them with within their budget and contract.

This level of understanding allows us to be agile in our approach and advise the best options in terms of what they can afford and prioritising their requirements.

Software is only as good as the initial designs and a failure to fully workshop, prototype and test ideas iteratively can mean more expensive development costs further down the road.

We solve design problems by understanding users' needs and developing insights to solve those needs. Our 5 stage approach has been refined over thousands of iterations and projects:

  • Empathise - Understand the user’s needs and problems
  • Define - Analyse your observations to define the problem
  • Ideate -Think of solutions to each aspect of the problem
  • Prototype - Develop a series of prototypes to test all or part of the solution
  • Test - Engage in a testing process to refine and improve your solution
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Putting The User At The Heart Of The Design Process

At the core of these processes are three stages that are equally important to deliver a tailored experience for the end user.

We work with the customer to ensure that we can deliver the requirements within budget and to meet stringent deadlines.


Through a series of workshops and sessions we can deep dive in to the user requirements prior to starting the project


Putting the end user in the middle we can paint an alternate truth and showcase the user journey and architecture diagram


This is where the concept is made real through tangible wire-frames, detailed designs and a true vision of the product

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At Ellis Whittam we believe that, by having a dedicated qualified adviser who truly understands your business, we can give you the highest quality service. That means personal, pragmatic and practical support for a fair price, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Pete Jones, Chief Technology Officer - Ellis Whittam

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Experience Is King

In this digital age the consumer has come to expect high levels of tailoring to their needs with functionality no longer enough to fulfil contentment with a product or service.

The key to providing fulfilment lies within personalisation, differentiating a good service/product with a great personalised experience for the end user.

cloudThing excel at seeing the bigger picture by putting the client at the heart of the design process.

We have pedigree in envisioning an agile road-map for products or services.

Utilising our in-house design capabilities and a user-centric approach we aim to help you provide a personalised experience that allows for continuous improvement and as your customer needs mature empower you to become agile enough to rise and meet any demand.

What Do You Get?

cloudThing’s Design & UX capabilities are combined and tailored to individual customer or project requirements to provide bespoke customer focused services depending on your requirements, budget and size of the project at hand

Some of the elements can include:

  • Requirements gathering workshop including event storming and feature mapping
  • Production of information architectures including user journeys
  • Personal generation and value statements
  • Design focused agile story creation
  • Low Fidelity & High-Fidelity wireframes
  • Product Design and branding
  • Clickable and collaborative prototype development
  • Interaction design
  • Design Proof of Concepts (eg mobile with form factor changes from web)
  • Logo and icon design
  • Graphic design
  • Style guide production
  • React component design

Get the ball rolling on your project

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