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A NonProfit Power Up

The Power Platform Accelerator

Lower the cost and effort required to build a Power Platform solution for your Charity

The Power Platform Accelerator

A NonProfit powerUp

This is a Lego-brick like a solution that builds upon the Microsoft Nonprofit accelerator and F&E adding even more value when building on the Power Platform. Our powerUp can quickly unlock new functionality such as Gift Aid Management, Constituent Discovery, High-Volume Donation Management and more.

The Nonprofit powerUp is made of immensely powerful components that can be combined in ways to achieve complex business requirements with minimal development time required. This enables your charity to benefit from the cost savings associated with buying an off-the-shelf product, whilst retaining the flexibility and longevity of a bespoke implementation.  

What's In The NonProfit powerUp?

The PowerUp is a combination of tools and add-ons for the Power Platform, customised by cloudThing to integrate with both F&E and the Nonprofit Accelerator. The code to these components is donated by cloudThing absolutely free to registered charities.

The components are called powerThings and apply to many business scenarios. Users are free to extend and build their own solutions with the components, but the following is provided to charities out of the box:

  • Gift Aid Processing (powered by our powerUp Data Mill)
  • Donation Notifications (powered by Megaphone)
  • High Volume Donation Management (powered by Data Mill)
  • Rapid Offline Donation Entry (powered by Sonic Data Entry)
  • Donation and Interaction History (powered by Audit Away)
  • Event Management (powered by Megaphone)
  • Finance Analytics & Forecasting (powered by Scored! And Data Mill)
  • Constituent Insights (Powered by Scored and Data Mill)
  • Integration Hub (Powered by PCF Widgets)

These features are only the start of what is possible when combining our powerThing components with services already in the Power Platform. Unlock a great deal of value by offering new features without needing to invest the development time to build from scratch The Nonprofit powerUp speeds up the delivery for charities looking to adopt the Power Platform and also can enhance an existing Power Platform solution with new features. As we donate this code free, you can continue to build upon the solution with or without the assistance of cloudThing. Contact to find out more

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