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The Building Blocks for cloudThing Magic

Power Platform Solution Accelerators


Pre-built components that solve common but hard problems to solve

Power Platform Starter solutions which can be rapidly customised and extended to meet requirements

powerThings enable organisations to benefit from proven approaches to solving common technical challenges, packaged as components which can be deployed as part of your solution atop of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Deploy powerThings as part of your solution with cloudThing support to significantly reduce effort, cost, and risk in delivering solutions in multiple business domains by simplifying adoption of the Power Platform with pre-built solution accelerators from cloudThing

  • Proven enterprise-grade, starter solutions. Easily customised to meet your unique requirements.
  • Extensible and flexible for local process design, without vendor lock-in.
  • Customise, extend, and integrate Audit Away easily to meet requirements – without lock-in.

Just Some Of The Awesome Benefits

Speed up implementation of solutions to meet your specific requirements

Reduce problem solving effort, focus investment on your customisations

Get exactly what’s needed through an agile, open design, approach

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Complete solution development from discovery to production deployment

De-risk solution delivery by leveraging our proven in-house approaches

Solution certainty through deep technical experience in MS platform

Empower internal teams to contribute to development and customisation

Customise implementations rapidly, without vendor lock-in

cloudThing provide full service capability from discovery to support

Frequently updated product roadmap, access to wider powerThings components


What's Included

Enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Offload Audit Logging - Publish Audit logs outside of the CDS, on Microsoft Azure and other custom destinations outside of the CDS using <powerThing> Audit Away.
  • Notify your Teams - Notify users in Dynamics, Microsoft Teams and other channels based on custom rules and system-driven events using <powerThing> Megaphone.
  • Capture Data Fast - Speed-up data entry in Dynamics 365 with customisable, multi-record, keyboard friendly batch processing forms powered by <powerThing> Sonic Data Entry. 
  • Address your Contacts - Automatically generate formal, informal and addressee salutations for contacts to use in processing based on configurable rules using the <powerThing> Salutations engine.

Integrate With The Microsoft Dataverse

  • Simplify Multi-system Data Exchange - <powerThing> Data Mill provides an enterprise ready, powerful, flexible engine which can be configured to pull and push data, to and from the CDS, using multiple sources. Cleanse, transform, and synchronise huge values of data effortlessly. 
  • Score data, improve quality, generate insights - Enable <powerThing> Scored! to scan your CDS records, ranking them based on custom scoring rules, to identify opportunities to improve the data quality and generate insights from your data to unlock value and improve business performance.


  • Audit Away - Enhances Dynamics with capability to capture auditable logs of record changes -which are stored outside of the CDS. 
  • Megaphone - Enables user notification in Dynamics and Teams for system, trigger and user driven events.
  • Sonic Data Entry - Enables  configuration of custom forms to capture multiple records, speeding up data entry into the CDS. 
  • Data Mill - Provides capabilities  to fetch huge volumes of data from multiple sources and transform it into CDS records.
  • Salutations - Extended name management to support history and complex, continually re-valuated qualifications and honorifics
  • View Knows Who - Improved relationship and network visualisation, influence and impact ratings to understand complex organisations
  • Address Aware - Extended address management to support history, familial groups and deep preference management for B2C scenarios
  • Scored! - Analyses CDS records and rates them based upon configurable rules to enable quality scoring and related insight generation.
  • SuperCache - High performance portal framework for front-end services, based on cache-as-system-of-record pattern.
  • PCF Widgets - A collection of Power Platform UI controls for use cases, which can be easily embedded within a solution.

Contact Us

New powerThings are released on a regular basis, get in touch with us to see how they can benefit your Power Platform solution implementation.



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