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(RPA) Implementation Service

Robotic Process Automation as a Service

Enable the robotic process automation of complex business processes. Streamline your organisation for simplicity, achieve Digital Transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery and reduce expenditure.

Robotic Process Automation as a Service

Is your organisation looking to Future Proof their organisation?

Could your organisation benefit from Digitally Transforming their organisation?

Robotic Process Automation implementation services provide by a Microsoft Gold accredited partner.

Use our service to introduce, design and develop RPA solutions within your organisation with focus on value creation.

We support discovery activities, business architecture, governance set-up, DevOps/SecOps tooling, service design, experience research/design, technical architecture and all related services.

cloudThing's Robotic Process Automation as a Service

What's Included...

  • Complete solution delivery from discovery to production deployment
  • Use attended/unattended bots to complete repetitive, otherwise manual tasks
  • Embed intelligent decision making capability into your business solutions
  • Automate capture and processing of manual, paper based information
  • Automate data exchange between departments and systems
  • Develop business hypothesis and validate through pilot development
  • Specifically define how ROI will be achieved and measured
  • Low code implementations using Microsoft Power Platform and Azure
  • Agile delivery approach aligned to GDS service principles
Robotic Process Automation as a Service

Just Some Of The Awesome Benefits...

50's style green tin toy robot on a yellow carpet

Automate repetitive tasks, focus effort on high value tasks

Deploy a hybrid workforce with assisted or unassisted automation

spaceship lit with neon blue lights landed in a concrete hangar

Solution certainty through our deep technical experience with Azure

Woman stood on a modern art installation of fibre optic cables

Digitise paper based business processes, accelerate your digital transformation

cute white robot with a blurred background

Improve task completion, data accuracy and output quality

A lego storm trooper painting at an easel

Get exactly what’s needed through agile, open design, approach

Streamline processes to remove bottlenecks and increase throughput

white robot hand reaching out

Integrate RPA with existing solutions and services easily

Futuristic or alien looking towers lit up by neon lights

Access to our buildThings, powerThings and complyThings, accelerating implementation

How We Plan The Service

We provide a flexible and collaborative approach to planning and strategy development, from ideation (including business case writing), all the way through to live service and subsequent continuous improvement.

We have a dedicated project management office who specialise in technology delivery and have experience at all stages of the programme lifecycle, including supporting service development from pre-alpha onwards.

We do this through a proven, GDS aligned, Agile Scrum and PRINCE2 wrapped methodology, combined with ITIL-based operational service delivery (using our award-winning DevSecOps capability).

Our preference is to work openly through sprints with customers and partners, using a one-team, one-goal approach, and use a continuous delivery principle to provide demonstrable benefit as early as possible in all of our work.

Whilst implementation phases are run as a series of agile sprints, the inputs, outputs and processes governing them are closely monitored and tightly controlled.

Project plans are aligned with deliverables and a burn-up of points is used to provide clear activity status, leading to a high degree of confidence in milestones.

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If you think your organisation would benefit from our Robotic Process Automation as a Service then contact us today for more information on implementation and pricing...



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