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A NonProfit powerUp

Rapid Donation Entry

Take the manual repetitiveness out of Processing donation transactions and do it faster than ever

All charities need their donations processed quickly.

Those that really want to speed that process up though will massivley benefit from cloudThing's PowerUp. It enables rapid Donation Entry with Wizard-style guided forms so that donations can be entered into a system without even needing to use a mouse! The really clever bit however, is that on submission, all other necessary records are also created in the system and automaticly associated with the transaction... which without the powerUp is a manual, labourious, receptive (and boring) process!


  • Unlimited Form Templates
  • Fully Customisable Form Fields
  • Unlimited Collapsible Form Sections
  • Inline Field Validation
  • Default Value Population
  • Single/Multiple Destination Table Support
  • Any Column Type
  • Audit Trail Capture
  • ToolTips
  • Advanced Processing Rules


  • Speed Up Data Capture
  • Reduce User Training Requirements
  • Rapidly Build Use Case Forms
  • Reduce number of screens needed
  • Quality check automation
  • Data correction automation
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Staff Satisfaction
  • Desktop/Mobile Support
  • NPP Adoption / Roadmap

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