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Next Gen AI That Can ‘Think Of Itself’ Being Developed By Facebook

Current AI’s are terrible at understanding a first-person point of view… Facebook’s next gen AI will change all of that

LinkedIn Finally Says That’s Enough To China

LinkedIn is withdrawing from Chine due to mounting challenges

Reshuffle Causes Confusion Over Future Of Charities Minister Position

After Baroness Barran was moved to the Department for Education, there’s now an empty spot for the charities minister

Climate-Change Deniers to be Barred from Google Ads

Climate-change deniers will be restricted from monetisation or displaying ads, according to Google’s new policy

NC3Rs Seeks to End Animal Testing With £2.7m Prize Fund

NC3Rs announces challenge which aims to end the bioscience sector’s dependence on using animals for testing.

Intel Says No To Due To Brexit

Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger, says the new European chip factory will only be considered for EU member states.

UK Has One Of The Highest Rates Of Infection Of Covid In Europe

As winter begins to encroach on our heating bills, how worried should we be about Covid?

NonProfit Sector Still Needs To Move Past 'Tokenism'

Delegates at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s annual convention told that power needs to be shifted to the communities.

Facebook Back Tracks On Instagram Plans For Kids

Facebook halts its plans for an ‘Instagram for Kids’ – aimed at ages 10 to 12 - after being accused of ignoring its own research into the harm to children’s wellbeing caused by Instagram.

MoD Releases ‘Defence Against The Dark Arts’ Strategy

The new report outlines a structure for data leadership to unite all the UK’s Defence Organisations

EU Tells Apple To Get In Line Over Universal USB-C Chargers For Mobiles

An upcoming EU vote will reduce waste and save us money… but Apple says it will stifle innovation

WFH Could Get 3.8 Million Brits Back To Work

CEBR research shows hybrid working models could also add £48.3bn to the UK economy

Dedicated Patient Coalition To Examine Future Digital Health Tech

New Health Coalition putting the ‘patient perspective’ first

Bitcoin Network Is Generating 30.7 Metric Kilotons Of E-Waste Every Year

What's the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining?

Autonomous Machines To Be Used In British Armed Forces For The First Time

Autonomous machines to be rolled out in among British armed forces… What are the implications?

General Availability Of Office 2021 Announced By Microsoft

Microsoft announces Office LTSC availability, new features, and changes to prices of Microsoft 365 subscriptions

The UN’s High Commissioner For Human Rights Joins The Fight To Regulate AI

Michelle Bachelet has called for a ban on all AI that’s currently non-compliant with human rights laws

Tributes Pour In At The Passing Of Sir Clive Sinclair

The home computing pioneer leaves behind a legacy that inspired millions to seek a career in the tech sector

How the Government Plans to Implement its £2 billion Big Data Procurement Budget

Big data’s value is being recognised in the post-pandemic landscape: how does the government intend to use it?

Sonus and Deaf Action Join Forces to Become Leading Deaf Charity in UK

Deaf charities in UK merge to become UK’s leading deaf charity
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