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A Comic Relief Case Study

Accurate Tracking & Reporting Of Gift Aid

Charities rely on Gift Aid as a major source of revenue but it is reliant on consistent and auditable paperwork for every single donation received. 

Who Are Comic Relief?

Comic Relief need no introduction from cloudThing.

Employing over 300 people; since 1985 they’ve raised and invested over £1,000,000,000 to help tackle poverty and injustice all over the world.

Since their first appeal 35 years ago they’ve improved the lives of over 90m people across the globe, contributing in four key areas:


  • Making the world a safer place
  • Helping children survive and thrive
  • Reducing fear, violence and discrimination
  • Mental Health


They do this by addressing the general public in biannual events alongside Children in Need, another major charity.

Famous for running campaigns such as "Red Nose Day", Comic Relief is said to have raised more than £85 million pounds since 2015 alone. 

Reasons For Change

All charities rely on Gift Aid as a major source of revenue. It can essentially add an extra 25p to every pound donated by the public.

If you’re a charity as large as Comic Relief this quickly adds up to millions of pounds but is reliant on consistent, auditable paperwork for every single donation received. 


  • Huge amounts of Gift Aid contributions have to be be written off if a charity is found to have as little as 2% of total donations non-compliant. It’s also quite easy for a gift aid contribution to be classed as non-compliant as one wrong character or spelling mistake on a claim can mean an incorrect name or address.
  • With donations coming from multiple channels such as mobile, online, events, over the phone and more, it was crucial to develop a modern solution that could amalgamate and validate thousands of claims in a scalable, automated manner. 

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