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Achievement For All Case Study

Re-developing A Platform From AWS To Microsoft Azure

Achievement for All had experienced fast growth in a short period of time, requiring a platform redevelopment from Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure.

Who Are Achievement For All?

AfA (Achievement for All) is the UK’s leading non-profit organisation, working in partnership with early years settings, schools and colleges to improve outcomes for children and young people of all ages by providing senior leadership teams in schools with training programmes that improve the education provision for disadvantaged pupils and families.

As well as all that, they’re also the ‘go-to partner’ for the Department for Education and are widely respected in the Education sector for their ground-breaking programs.

They specialise in accelerating academic progress to close the education gap for all ages and stages, regardless of their background, challenge or need.

Empowering young people, as well as their teachers, parents and carers, the charity works to transform lives through personal coaching, professional support and a leading network of educational experts.

They deliver their training programmes using a combination of in school consultants (coaches) and digital content via their portal, known as The Bubble, an online learning portal which, amongst other things, includes a subscription based and a free-to-view area offering an array of links and resources to their partner organisations.

Reasons For Change

Achievement for All had experienced much faster growth than expected in a short period of time which, whilst a nice problem to have, meant they had an urgent need to improve the efficiency and automation capabilities of their education improvement programmes.

An internal review process identified the opportunity to exploit automation and AI technology in attaining this goal.

They needed an interactive, online, portal that could serve up a wide range of subscription-based content to its users, that could be utilised independently of themselves and their coaches, thus reducing the amount of time required on 1-2-1 or classroom coaching per program.

Achievement For All (AfA) were aware that their platform, The Bubble, was the key to their strategic scalability and growth as well as to increasing efficiency for the organisations internal processes. However, the previous version of The Bubble they were operating was no longer fit for purpose for several reasons:


  • The UX user journey was confusing and out of date with modern UX practices, preventing many users from engaging fully
  • In its current format the system was expensive to host and maintain (in AWS - Amazon Web Services).
  • Important features that many users felt should be there as standard, such as a single sign in option, were not only not present, but would be prohibitively expensive to add.

As well as the front-end issues associated with The Bubble, there were also back end issues driving the decision for change.

Its core finance, CRM, HR and reporting systems were poorly integrated and required significant data entry duplication requiring unreasonable amounts of staff time to complete common tasks.

Office 365 needed to be integrated with the platform but was again, cost prohibitive to integrate in its current itineration on AWS.

Thus, following lower than expected market take up and engagement combined with rising staff dissatisfaction, Achievement For All (AfA) decided that a complete redevelopment of The Bubble would be the best means of addressing all issues.

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