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Chrysalis Solmotive: TaaS & Micro Service Platforms

Chrysalis Solmotive engaged cloudThing and their Solution Architects on a TaaS (Team as a Solution) project to help them re-build their single server system into a multi-server with a micro service platform

Who Are Chrysalis Solmotive?

Established in 2004, Chrysalis Solmotive have grown to become the leading global provider of loyalty solutions for manufacturers, finance companies and retailers in the automotive industry.

Headquartered in the UK with regional offices in USA, Canada and Australia, they currently serve nine brands and over 2,500 retailers in 12 countries around the globe.

Their vision is to help their clients achieve sustainable and profitable customer retention, enabling them to sell more cars, more often and as such their senior management team is always looking to innovate and improve.

Chrysalis’s Key2Key platform (as it’s called) is a lead generation tool that manages millions of customer finance agreements worldwide.

Working in partnership with brands and funders, it implements bespoke manual and AI rules to utilise offers and incentives to end users to maximise the number of opportunities available from them and so deliver high-converting leads. The software imports customer data (which includes vehicle info, valuations, what they’re paying per month etc.) and is used to link to any potential offers.

As an example, offers could be related to how much mileage they cover and what they’re currently paying; if there’s another deal for a better car that only has a slight increase in price this can then be flagged to the customer as an offer.

Reasons for Change

However, Chrysalis’s in-house IT team were finding the same issues with their platform being reported to them time after time. These were stemming from the fact that there was just one server, that had to act as a hub for a multitude of garages and users.

Although the platforms popularity was a welcome problem to have, to maintain their high levels of customer satisfaction, Chrysalis needed to resolve the issue of performance problems being generated by large numbers of people accessing the platform at the same time.

They contacted cloudThing on a TaaS basis (Team as a Service) for our expert Solution Architects to figure out and re-structure the platform to best remedy the performance issues and future proof it against increases in use.

They needed a scalable solution for Key2Key on a platform that would allow them to have multiple people and garages use it at the same time without it crashing.

They needed to completely re-architect the solution but didn’t want to invest in a full-time Solution Architect for such a short-term project.

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